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TestWe Is The Easiest Way To Do In Class Assessments

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 TestWe Is The Easiest Way To Do In Class AssessmentsEDUCAUSE 2017: TestWe’s Secure Offline Environment Prevents Cheating and More.

When we first reported about TestWe, last month, we grew quite curious about their claim to have a secure offline environment for testing. We weren’t sure if TestWe was designed for in-class or remote testing and assessment. Naturally, when we met up with them at EDUCAUSE that was the first thing we asked them. (watch the video above).

It turns out that TestWe is an easy to use assessment and testing platform for higher education, when testing in the classroom. TestWe has three main important functions.

  • An easy to use, feature packed, assessment/test creation platform for instructors.
  • A secure, offline environment for actual test taking.
  • A simple grading platform, that can, in some cases, provide an instant grading environment.

With a TestWe created assessment all of the students in class can take their test on their own laptop (MacOS or Windows), without the worry of cheating through accessing local files or websites. Prior to the test the instructor sends out a file that allows students to sign in. When it’s actually time for the test, TestWe shuts down everything on the students device accept keyboard access and the test itself. During the testing period students can’t access any file, website or program.

oneorigin-720x90 TestWe Is The Easiest Way To Do In Class AssessmentsOnce the student finishes the test, the internet connection is re-established and the test is uploaded to the server. If it’s a multiple choice or simple answer test, it’s instantly graded. If it’s an essay based, or long form test, instructors can grade it and get feedback to the student.

TestWe is protecting the integrity of institutions using their platform by ensuring that on-site testing has 0 cheating. It also helps schools save quite a bit of paper by allowing students to use their own computer.

So many school’s still use ScanTron bubble sheets for major assessments like mid-terms and finals. TestWe gives the same security of an empty desk aside from a ScanTron sheet and a pencil, but with the convenience of allowing students to take the test on their computer. That also allows instructors to create more interactive test questions that can include video, presentations and more.

To find out more about TestWe check out our interview video above and visit TestWe online at testwe.eu by clicking here.

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