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EDUCAUSE Preview: Turn Distracting Student Devices Into Learning Tools With Top Hat

Students Are Going To Bring Their Devices, Use Them As Class Tools With Top Hat

tophat-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Turn Distracting Student Devices Into Learning Tools With Top Hat

K-12 teachers have great tools like Kahoot which lets teachers create interactive quiz shows on the fly and let’s students play them with their phone. Flipgrid is another cool tool that let’s students participate in video discussions in a unique grid format that can be applied to just about anything. These tools are fun, exciting and take advantage of mobile devices. While there’s some cool educational technology in higher ed, most tools just aren’t as fun.

Well raise your cane and throw on some tails and a monocle because Top Hat is that fun exciting tool you’ve been looking for, for higher ed.

Top Hat’s revolutionary app has a variety of ways to help professors and instructors engage and inspire students.  Top Hat is a complete educational system utilizing the features found on everyday mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

With the Top Hat app students sign into a class which makes instant attendance a breeze. With that out of the way the instructor can jump right into teaching.

For instruction teachers can create their own lessons uploading slides, multimedia and pdf’s right into the Top Hat platform. There’s also a community of Top Hat users (professors and instructors) who’ve uploaded and shared their own Top Hat educational content, this can be question and answer packs, quizzes or complete lessons. Borrow, curate and collaborate from your colleagues right within the Top Hat app.

When it’s class time, after that one minute of attendance taking, the instructor can jump right into the lesson. Top Hat’s complete platform can be accessed via iPad so the instructor can be mobile and walk around during the entire class. They’re no longer chained to a desk or running back and forth to the front of the room. Lecturing instructors especially love this feature.

The interactive part starts when the lesson begins. Instructors can ask questions, start a discussion and even give truly “pop” quizzes during the lesson. This means they can quickly assess the students grasp of the material. From there Top Hat has it’s own gradebook platform that allows instructors to export grades right from their device, in real time, cutting back painstaking administrative time.  Top Hat is a much more fun and interactive alternative to the clicker.

You can check out Top Hat in action at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st through November 3rd, booth #433 and online at tophat.com