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Top Hat Puts Two More Features In Their Cap For Back To School

Top Hat, An Industry Leading Platform Helping Professors Engage and Inspire Students Adds Two Important Features In Time For Back To School

tophat-features-top Top Hat Puts Two More Features In Their Cap For Back To School

While college students were finishing off the last of their summer vacations and preparing for the trek back to school, the engineers and developers at industry leading platform, Top Hat, have been hard at work continually innovating ways to help professors engage and inspire students.

Top Hat has developed ways to maximize the digital student experience, especially when incorporating the mobile device. Top Hat is a complete educational system utilizing the features found on everyday mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

With the Top Hat app students sign into a class which makes instant attendance a breeze. With that out of the way the instructor can jump right into teaching.  Students can then use their own mobile device to interact in class eliminating the need for clickers and creating a more immersive and engaging experience that really helps students grasp the material, and instructors keep an eye on what students know.

For instruction teachers can create their own lessons uploading slides, multimedia and pdf’s right into the Top Hat platform. There’s also a community marketplace of Top Hat users (professors and instructors) who’ve uploaded and shared their own Top Hat educational content, this can be question and answer packs, quizzes or complete lessons. Borrow, curate and collaborate from your colleagues right within the Top Hat app.

For the 2017-18 school year Top Hat has added Secure Attendance, a next generation attendance platform built right into their app that can tell if a student is truly in class. Their team has evaluated all the ways students could possibly circumvent an attendance app and developed an accurate, secure solution.

Secure Attendance helps instructors and faculty take attendance three ways:

  • A code can be displayed in the front of the room on a projector. Students must enter the code on their device to show they’re in the class.
  • Geo Location can determine a student’s exact location.
  • First of it’s kind Bluetooth mesh technology that detects other nearby students.

Top Hat has also updated their marketplace with new Content Revisions functionality. With their marketplace, students purchase their digital textbooks and other class materials. After students have purchased their digital materials from the Top Hat marketplace, content will be delivered right to the student as well as any future revisions insuring that students always have the most up to date material.

You can check out the latest from Top Hat at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3rd, booth #433 and online at tophat.com