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Ulyngo Offers The First Peer To Peer Marketplace Exclusively For College Students

ulyngo-EDUCAUSE-top Ulyngo Offers The First Peer To Peer Marketplace Exclusively For College Students

Ulyngo is a peer to peer marketplace exclusively for college students, seen here, integrated with Modolabs (photo:

EDUCAUSE Preview: Ulyngo’s Peer To Peer Marketplace That Increases Student Engagement and Safety

Let’s face it, Craigslist is sketch, college students barely use Facebook and LetGo and OfferUp are dominated by momtrepreneurs trying to sell their latest cricut creations. This leads to the most active mobile users in the world shying away from the peer to peer marketplace concept. That was until Ulyngo came around.

Ulyngo is a California based startup that has created a mobile first, peer to peer marketplace, exclusively for college students. This makes it a safer, more engaging platform.

Craigslist can be especially scary to new students at a college or university away from home. Whether they’re looking to buy a book for school or sell their old skateboard, Craigslist’s anonymous selling, leaves students wondering if their buyer or seller will even show up.

Ulyngo has teamed up with industry partners in the campus life app space like Dublabs and Modolabs to get integrated into the apps students are already using on campus today. The company has also built an administration backend and dashboard that provides insights into how students are using the platform, how many students are interacting on the platform, and if the need should ever arise, a safety net.

Ulyngo authenticates student users through their ID systems, that way buyers and sellers know exactly who they are buying and selling from. They’ve also baked in safe, and secure payment protocols, including the ability to integrate with University payment systems so that students don’t need to use cash for their transactions.

Their white label platform can be customized with school branding and colors. Through their partners (Modolabs and Dublabs) Ulyngo can be a single button on a university’s campus life app. Add in single sign on for convenience and students don’t need to re-enter usernames and passwords.

You can check out Ulyngo in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31 – November 3 and online at