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Drowning In Learning Analytics, Unicon Can Help

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 Drowning In Learning Analytics, Unicon Can HelpEDUCAUSE Preview: Unicon Can Help Your Institution Get Started With Learning Analytics With Their Efficient Four Step Process For Success

unicon-EDUCAUSE-top Drowning In Learning Analytics, Unicon Can Help

For over 20 years Unicon has been helping schools at every level meet and exceed their technology goals, all with the focus of having better student outcomes. With the rapid innovation of technology in education, and the far too often sluggish roll out of new technology, Unicon stays positioned to help their education clients keep up with today’s demanding students.

While the institutions and schools they work with foot the bill, Unicon really understands that if it’s not good for students it’s not good for the institution. They offer a variety of technology solutions for education. One of their most important products is Student Success Plan, an open source case management software that supports a holistic coaching and counseling model, leading to quicker identification and intervention of students in need.

Student Success Plan includes these software tools to help advisors, counselors and faculty support students in the best way they can:My Academic Plan (MAP), MyGPS, Main dashboard, Action Plan, Journal, Early Alert, and Accommodation.

proctori0-720x90 Drowning In Learning Analytics, Unicon Can HelpOne of Unicon’s other areas of expertise is learning analytics. We’ve heard a lot about learning analytics in the last three years. In the same way they put students first with Student Success Plan, Unicon uses the same approach with learning analytics. For them, the driver of any learning analytics is ” A focus on the student learning experience”.

For Unicon, their learning analytics service is grounded in a cyclical five step foundation; plan, implement, analyze, improve, and assess. Unicon isn’t an analytics product vendor, they are technology agnostic and work with open source, custom and proprietary applications helping institutions to make informed decisions.

As the terminology “learning analytics” grew in popularity Unicon realized there was a need to help institutions better understand exactly what learning analytics is, how data leads to these analytics, how to implement learning analytics and how to use learning analytics to affect change. Without any kind of guidance, institutions are surrounded with information that might not make sense.

unicon-quickstart Drowning In Learning Analytics, Unicon Can Help

That’s why the company introduced LA Quick Start. Updated earlier this month, LA Quick Start offers a guided path and the technology institutions need to start the learning analytics journey with confidence. Unicon guides institutions through a four-step process consisting of strategic planning / readiness assessment; establishing a solid technology foundation; connecting an initial application; and knowledge transfer for successful planning of additional projects and/or a full-scale learning analytics solution. Institutions that choose to connect an LMS have the advantage of visualizing student activity data, identifying patterns, and gaining insight with the Student Pulse.

“Based on discussion with our clients across higher education, we discovered that many institutions are still facing challenges getting started with learning analytics. Our four-step process is designed to reduce the complexity of launching a learning analytics initiative,” said John C. Blakley, CEO, Unicon. “LA Quick Start enables clients to collaborate with an expert resource on building a solid technology foundation, getting conversations started across various groups on campus, and acquiring the expertise for future expansion of their learning analytics environment.”

A lot of the amazing technology available to higher ed is quite confusing at first. Unicon is a trusted partner that can help your college or university reach their student success goals. Visit with Unicon at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia November 1-3, booth #1530 and find out more online at unicon.net to find out more about LA Quick Start, click here. 

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