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EDUCAUSE Preview: Modernize The Student Experience With Unit4

Colleges and Universities Are Using Unit4’s Student Management System To Modernize The Student Experience

unit4-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Modernize The Student Experience With Unit4

Unit4 is a robust SaaS provider with products that solve problems, create opportunities, and simplify a wide range of important business functions. Intelligent automation, tracking travel expenses, relationship management, scheduling, admissions, and more, Unit4 has a solution for just about every aspect of administration at the collegiate level.

Unit4 offers three powerful tools that when working in tandem, fulfill just about every campus need.

Their Business World ERP solution offers financial, procurement and human resource management tools assisting, organizing and supporting every function from planning budgeting and forecasting, to estate and asset management. Couple that with Unit 4’s Student Management System and admissions, academics, billing, student life, campus services, and CRM are all covered. Their Research Management tools assist with proposal management, grant writing, ethics, cost and pricing and post award.

Unit4’s Student Management system alone covers many of the needs on today’s college campuses according to the company website:

  • Admissions technology with configurable workflows that automate outreach campaigns based on prospect behavior
  • Streamlined application processes that create program-specific application types and document management
  • Relationship management tools that build long-term affiliations with alumni and partners.

Student Management is built on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud which makes it flexible and scalable. If you’re a single or multi campus institution, Unit 4’s Student Management System can easily meet and exceed the needs of everyday campus life and running a college campus.  As robust a system as it is, Unit4 has also made it extremely user friendly.

“When we began the search for a new student management solution, we knew that we needed a robust system that would be able to handle our complex, multi-location campus, including the ability to accommodate the two separate tax codes needed for the SouthWest Collegiate Institute campus,” said Dr. Amy Burchett, VP of Academic and Student Affairs at Howard College. “Unit4 was the only Student Management offering that was able to meet these requirements with its out-of-the-box capabilities, while at the same time allowing us to tailor the solution as needed. Additionally, Unit4 is so intuitive and easy-to-use that we can implement the functionalities we need on our own, which is a requirement for us as we don’t have a large number of IT staff to support the system.”

Unit4’s platform goes beyond simple Student Information Systems, it helps track the student from the time they first interview until after graduation, and everything in between. You can find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st through November 3rd and online at unit4.com