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When It Comes To Learning Materials They are a VitalSource

ferrilli-720x90-2 When It Comes To Learning Materials They are a VitalSourceWe Spoke With VitalSource At EDUCAUSE 2017

What does it take to become the leader in the world of educational materials today? Knowledge, understanding and experience. VitalSource has all three.

VitalSource has been providing digital learning materials for over twenty years. The company started out selling specialized learning CD-Roms for the dental industry. Your students may need to Google “CD-Rom”.

Over the ensuing years VitalSource started developing relationships with the best learning material publishers across the globe. Today, the company provides learning materials for over 1000 educational publishers covering pre-k to workforce and enterprise training. If you’ve been in education you already know their name.

Today, the landscape is rapidly changing. We are getting closer and closer to a time where traditional textbooks may only exist in libraries.

VitalSource continues to innovate swiftly across all levels of education. They’re powering college and university bookstores and their digital learning material platforms. They’re also powering some of the biggest names in the industry, like Barnes and Noble’s e-textbook platform.

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 When It Comes To Learning Materials They are a VitalSourceWe were able to catch a few minutes with Mike Hale, VP of Education at VitalSource. For nearly 15 years Hale has seen the changes in the education industry and at VitalSource, helping to lead the company well into the 21st century.

VitalSource today, is the most widely used distributor of digital learning materials. They focus on accessibility ensuring that learning materials are accessible and available to the widest number of students. They work with their publisher partners to lower the financial barriers to education.

A recent study commissioned by VitalSource revealed that students often times skip Out on purchasing vital learning materials, citing cost as the reason. VitalSource offers inclusive access programs so that wherever possible, cost of learning  materials doesn’t hinder their access to education. They also offer rental programs, very popular with college students

With VitalSource, the student end user is just as important as their publishing partners. The company’s evolution over the last twenty years shows that.

Check out our interview with Mike Hale, in the video above and for more info visit VitalSource.com 

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 When It Comes To Learning Materials They are a VitalSource