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EDUCAUSE Preview: VocaSee, Read The Voices

Cirrus-Identity-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: VocaSee, Read The VoicesIsraeli Starutp, VocaSee Is An Automatic Transcription and Captioning Platform

vocasee-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: VocaSee, Read The Voices

VocaSee is an Israeli startup that has developed a new platform for automatic audio and video transcription.  Their revolutionary new platform relies on machine learning, crowd sourcing and big data to ensure that video and audio recordings are transcribed the first time, regardless of languages, accents and dialects.  Unlike other transcription and captioning platforms VocaSee uses several types of technology to make sure they can provide services quicker and more accurately than their competitors. Advances in technology have greatly shortened the time it takes to transcribe audio and video.

For decades transcription and closed captioning was a long and tedious process. Companies would have to take the video or audio recording, watch it or listen to it and transcribe it. That meant a one hour film or recording could take even more than an hour to transcribe. In today’s want it now, need it now world, there’s just not time for that.

Colleges and universities rely on transcription and closed captioning services to make sure that all of their content is accessible to all of their students as quickly as possible. Users upload their audio and video recordings to the VocaSee platform in the cloud. From there it’s matched via crowd sourcing and big data to speed up the transcription and captioning process. Their platform also ensures accuracy.

VocaSee doesn’t require any software to download. Users simply logon to the site and upload their content. VocaSee also uses fully secured servers throughout the entire process.

Benefits to using Vocasee include:

  • Advanced technology
  • High accuracy
  • Variety of languages and accents
  • Low cost
  • Large-scale capabilities
  • Short delivery time
  • User friendly
  • Secure
  • Multiple formats

VocaSee will be in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia November 1-3. You can also find out more about their services on their website at vocasee.com 

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 EDUCAUSE Preview: VocaSee, Read The Voices