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EDUCAUSE Preview: VoiceVibes Is Your Own Private Speaking Coach

Master The Art Of Delivery With VoiceVibes

voicevibes-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: VoiceVibes Is Your Own Private Speaking Coach

You could be the smartest person in your MBA program, packed with an arsenal of data for your big presentation, but if your delivery is flawed you may miss some big opportunities. With public speaking in any setting, delivery is just as important as content. The hard part is, there’s not many ways to perfect the art of delivery.

Whether you’re an entrepreneurship student pitching business plans or a chemistry student presenting research, chances are you’re going to find yourself in front of an audience. Even with the most beautiful, heavily researched slides, if your audience can’t hear you, or you stop and say uh and um too much, your content is going to get lost. Unfortunately many college professors don’t have the time to work one on one with students on delivery as much as they would like to.

That’s where VoiceVibes comes in. The Baltimore area startup has created a software platform that will help coach you through delivery in the privacy of your own home, dorm room or in the car.

With VoiceVibes you record your natural presentation into the software platform. After it’s recorded it analyzes your presentation for several factors including; pausing, pace, up speak, variety in pitch, volume and pace and much more.  In addition to the raw analysis VoiceVibes also provides tips that will explain why pausing so much is bad or how improving your pace will help drive home your points.

VoiceVibes even tracks your improvement through your practice sessions so you can see how your oral delivery has improved. Graphs measure your ratings from one session to the next and with just one click you can see how your trending.

In a classroom setting the instructor can have access to analytics across the entire class. This way they can monitor and help students that need improvement. They can also see how much time each student is spending on their oral presentations. Practice makes perfect and with oral delivery, it only gets better with time.

Check out VoiceVibes in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3rd and online at myvoicevibes.com