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EDUCAUSE Preview: Wisr Is Connecting Current Students And Alumni In New Ways

wisr-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Wisr Is Connecting Current Students And Alumni In New WaysWisr Helps Colleges and Universities Build Strong Online Communities For Students, Alumni and Supporters To Connect and Share Knowledge

When mentoring college startups one of the first things I do is tell each startup founder to reach out to five alumni on LinkedIn that may be beneficial to the growth of their company. Time and time gain they report back that even top ranked executives at Fortune 100 companies have responded to their LinkedIn inquiry, simply because they are alumni. The disturbing part is when a faculty advisor, professor or tech transfer employee scratches their head and says “why didn’t I think of that”.

Three entrepreneurs in Cleveland; Kate Volzer, John Knific and Kris Ciccarello understand the importance of those meaningful connections between current students, alumni and supporters first hand. That’s why they created Wisr.

Wisr is an online platform that helps build online communities of students, alumni and supporters to connect, share knowledge and drive meaningful career outcomes.  The goal isn’t to replace traditional alumni relations departments, who are commonly focused on just the alumni, but rather to bridge alumni and students together. These relationships can lead to job interviews, new meaningful mentorships and even startup investment.

Wisr can be described in just three simple steps.

Launch: Wisr works 1:1 with alumni departments and campus officials to sync alumni and student directories, integrate campaigns and launch the Wisr community at their school.

Engage: current students and alumni create profiles. From there they can explore the Wisr platform and let the AI driven “Intelligent Advising” tools get to work, matching alumni with students for advisory sessions. Then students, alumni and supporters can easily communicate with one another using the Wisr platform, phone, email or even in person.

Report: Wisr is completely transparent. Colleges can look at dashboard data in real time and see just how effective Wisr is on their campus. The Wisr dashboard will tell them anything they need to know from how many students and alumni are using the platform to the types of ways they are engaging.

Jumpstart your campus’ alumni/student community with Wisr, you can check them out at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31 – November 3 and online at getwisr.com