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Bringing VR and AR Into The K-20 Classroom, Xpereal Can Help

oneorigin-720x90 Bringing VR and AR Into The K-20 Classroom, Xpereal Can HelpEDUCAUSE Preview: Xpereal Is Helping Startups Enter The Education World

xpereal-EDUCAUSE-top Bringing VR and AR Into The K-20 Classroom, Xpereal Can Help

Everywhere you turn Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are the talk of the tech world. When Apple introduced their holiday iPhone offerings they spent quite a bit of time talking about Augmented Reality. They showed off how the latest iPhones facilitate the new technology in amazing ways.

Also as recent as last week, Facebook held its fourth Oculus Conference, Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to get 1 billion people into virtual reality, that may seem like a lofty goal for a company that only shipped 400,000 units in 2016. But Facebook is acutely aware of some of the barriers to entry, like the $500 price tag on Oculus Rift and comparable equipment. To overcome this issue they announced a scaled back version of Rift that will be priced at just $199.

Education is one of the industries with limitless possibilities when it comes to both AR and VR. Virtual Reality is giving students at any grade level, access to places and things they’ve never experienced before. In K-12 schools, companies like Nearpod are helping students take virtual field trips from their desks to far off places like India, Africa, the North Pole and even space.

In higher education, virtual Reality is giving students access to labs, resources and even automotive shops that they never had before. Companies like Labster are giving college students access to virtual wet labs anytime day or night, and for as long as they need. Something that couldn’t be done in traditional labs.

modolabs-banner Bringing VR and AR Into The K-20 Classroom, Xpereal Can HelpHow do you get virtual reality into the classroom?

Startups that are eager to get their VR or AR technology into the classroom are having trouble breaking into education. They aren’t used to the long tail cycle of education or even the right people to talk to. Also, many young startups lack the ability to talk to their education customers using terminology that they would understand.

Schools, districts, even colleges and universities are all eager to take the dive into the pretty new technology. We all know the dangers of jumping into tech to early in education. Sometimes schools are faced with the fact that they’ve bought technology that either fizzled out or can’t deliver at the scale needed to handle the education market.

What if there was a company to navigate that water?

Luckily there is. Xpereal is an immersive experience consultancy dedicated to solving real problems, virtually. More importantly, Xpereal, led by education veteran, Peter Campbell, is a one of a kind consultancy with the real world experience to help startups break into the education market.  At the same time, they also have the experience to help schools and higher ed institutions make informed decisions about VR, AR and other immersive technologies.

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 Bringing VR and AR Into The K-20 Classroom, Xpereal Can Help

When it comes to startups, Xpereal says:

“We go deep with our partners by using lean, agile methods to identify the problems to be solved and the jobs to be done. We explore and validate these solutions with real users via pilots and proof of concept projects so our customers can use the lessons learned to make their products and solutions even better. Finally, we help our customers create a product strategy and take these solutions to market.”
When it comes to learning institutions Xpereal can help schools, colleges and universities find the immersive technolgy that’s right for them. They also go beyond that. They can help educators find and create immersive content and immersive content strategies. Immersive content has proven to be up to 5x more engaging then traditional classroom learning. By bringing students of any age and any grade level into the experience, they will retain more information.

Campbell has spent over two decades in education at all levels. He’s held positions with Blackboard, Montclair State Univeristy and most recently led the VR/AR and Immersive team at Pearson.

Whether you’re a Startup with immersive technology looking to break into education or you’re at an educational institution looking to take your learning more immersive, be sure to visit with Campbell and Xpereal in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3 and online at

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