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EDUCAUSE Preview: Yellowdig, A Social Learning Platform For Today’s Students

Wharton, UVA, Duke and More Are Raising Engagement With Yellowdig

yellowdig-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Yellowdig, A Social Learning Platform For Today's Students

Today’s generation of college students are a lot different than any previous generation. We’ve mentioned this here before (quite a bit) but incoming college freshmen have never lived in a time without Google. Social networks have been around their entire lives. Some have had screens in front of them since before pre-school.

This makes today’s college students more collaborative while fiercely independent. They’ve also been taught from birth to question everything. Technology was as commonplace as riding bikes was for us.

This presents a problem for professors, especially ones who have become steadfast in their ways. The popularity of conferences like campus tech and EDUCAUSE has greatly increased over the years, so that institutions can stay on the pulse of what’s driving their students. They need to maintain relevance.

The days of message boards, bulletin boards, clickers and even email are over for this round of students.  Millennial and post millennial students need tools that look and feel like the tools their used to and if you can’t access it on a laptop, tablet and smartphone than it’s a waste of time. You see today’s students also have very brief attention spans and are prone to do six things at once, so while they may be engaged in their coursework on their computer they may decide to up and go to grab a cup of coffee and want to resume the work at a redlight.

There’s a tool that’s found on campuses like Duke University, The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, UVA and other Division I schools that solves all of these problems for today’s students and professors, while improving participation, collaboration and engagement.

That tool is Yellowdig.

Yellowdig is a social learning tool geared to colleges and universities. It looks, feels and acts like a familiar social network to today’s post millennial students.

Yellowdig is a digital pinboard built around a professors class, lecture or coursework. Professors can build pinboards around their courses that can be shared with individual classes or with the entire school.  Within Yellowdig students can congregate, collaborate and explore new ideas around the content. They can pin articles, videos and research that’s relevant to the class.

But Yellowdig goes well beyond “Pinterest for education”. What they’ve done is replaced the traditional blackboard/whiteboard discussion with a much more interactive, immersive experience. They allow students to participate how they want to, when they want to and it sparks a granular, organic conversation, similar to when you share something interesting on Facebook.  Yellowdig is also a more engaging replacement for traditional LMS message boards.

“Yellowdig replaced the traditional blackboard discussion boards that we had been using because these discussion boards weren’t creating meaningful engagement for students” Professor Morgan Jehn at Arizona State University said.

Yellowdig offers participation points which give instructors a real time look at how much students are participating in the discussion, far more effective than looking to see which students are raising their hands. The points system can also integrate into the grade book systems of popular LMS systems like Blackboard, Canvas, and Bright Space.  The point system along with the general ethos of Yellowdig help gamify the material. Of course students always want to earn the most points, but professors are finding that students want to get the last word in as well, often backing their points with more relevant research.

Yellowdig takes student privacy and security very seriously and employs FERPA compliance along with other stringent security measures.

See how Yellowdig can engage your students at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st- November 3rd, in the Startup Alley graduate area. Visit them online at yellowdig.com