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20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At FETC 2018

classmax-fetc-banner 20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At FETC 2018To Keep Up With All The Action At FETC 2018 Follow These 20 Twitter Accounts

20twitter-fetc-top 20 Twitter Accounts To Follow At FETC 2018

  • @jenwomble Jennifer Womble is the current program chair at LRP for FETC she’s also a PD designer, blogger and catalyst for growth, change and the future of technology. If you missed a tweet for #FETC chances are Jennifer’s account will also feature it.
  • @FETC is the official Twitter account for FETC 2018. By the way, the official hashtag is #FETC
  • @edtechnerd Bryan L Miller is the education guy at Wonder Workshop home to Dot, Dash and now Cue. He’s speaking at FETC this year and then literally jetting to London for BETT. Bryan is a trusted name in edtech, having started his career as a teacher himself.
  • @bulbapp is the best portfolio for students available today. It’s more than a trapper keeper. With Bulb students can keep up with their portfolio and assignments from K-12 and beyond. The Bulb portfolio stays with the student for life. They also incorporate creativity tools to make online portfolios the student’s own, and they integrate with most popular educational software.
  • @Padcaster is the ultimate solution turning iPads into full on video production powerhouses helping schools create state of the art video production at a fraction of the cost.
  • @buncee is dedicated to making learning more creative, immersive and fun
  • @JenWilliamsEdu is a writer for Edutopia and Education Week and a strong advocate for social good, edtech and of course ISTE ’17
  • @bloxelsbuilder Bloxels is the “must see” for our nine year old ed tech reporter Tatum F.  They have  an innovative way to teach learning through creating video games with an on and offline tool
  • @IncidentIQ is more than just a help desk for K-12 IT professionals. Made for educators by educators they leverage their technology to ensure your technology has limited downtime. They’re also a great 1:1 implementation partner, oh and right now they’re giving away tickets to Disney World!
  • @TheTechRabbi Rabbi Michael Cohen is speaking at FETC this year and he’s a trusted, well Rabbi in the world of edtech
  • @TDXBuzz is the official Twitter account for Team Dynamix is ITSM to Keep School’s Learning.
  • @classtechtips Monica Burns is another FETC speaker with an active and engaged edtech following on Twitter. She’s the author of “Tasks Before Apps” and “Formative Tech”.
  • @participate helps teachers make a bigger impact. The facilitate and help teachers participate in growing learning communities. They’re also top ranked for the hashtag #FETC
  • @edutechguys is our favorite edtech podcast, may be because we are the crew that started Thedroidguy or maybe because they’re two great guys with decades of edtech experience. Their podcast moves quickly and is very engaging as is their Twitter feed.
  • @studyo is a student planning platform, not a calendar app, founded by Renaud Boisjoly who has a nice edtech following after years of experience at Apple Education. That and Studyo is pretty cool too.
  • @MadLearn is all about teaching kids mobile app development in every K-12 classroom. Follow them for the latest from #FETC as well.
  • @techinteaching Kendra is a Google Trainer, Coach, Curriculum Designer and the host of the #NoVaedChat.
  • @RenLearnUS Renaissance Learning is widely respected by parents and educators everywhere. They’re also always on top of the Twitter scene at every conference they attend, oh and they throw a wild party at ISTE so look out for that.
  • @TatumFTech is our 10 year old edtech reporter who’s been reporting on edtech since she was six. She’s getting better at interviewing and sassier on social media. Follow her and tweet at her if you want to be interviewed during FETC 2018.
  • @nibletztweets is the Google News leader in all major K-12 edtech events like FETC, TCEA, SXSWedu and ISTE. Follow us for great FETC coverage, Tatum’s interviews and a little snark.

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