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FETC Preview: Trust 2nd Gear First For All Of Your New and Refurbished K12 IT Needs

kinderlab-fetc-banner FETC Preview: Trust 2nd Gear First For All Of Your New and Refurbished K12 IT NeedsTrust 2nd Gear First For All Of Your New and Refurbished K-12 IT Needs, Including TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays. See Them At FETC and TCEA

2ndgear-fetc-tcea-top FETC Preview: Trust 2nd Gear First For All Of Your New and Refurbished K12 IT Needs

Do you remember the days when having a computer in the classroom meant a big clunky machine on a rolling cart by the teacher’s desk? Not too much later we started to see computer labs crop up, computers in the library and the office. Today we’re living in a time where every student is expected to have a device, either one their parents paid for or the school has provided. Times have changed.

Do you remember the days when clapping blackboard erasers was punishment? Or when, as a student, you would go home with white board marker all over your hands and clothes? Today classrooms are expected to have giant flat screen boards we can write on with our fingers, save to our mobile devices and beam to 100 kids in a classroom in Sweden. Times have changed.

2ndGear has managed to keep up with these changing times by offering the best in new and refurbished computers, laptops, iMacs, tablets, servers, mobile carts, AV  and other IT equipment. 2nd Gear offers all of the technology products your school needs for a 1:1 deployment and beyond.

id123-fetc-banner FETC Preview: Trust 2nd Gear First For All Of Your New and Refurbished K12 IT NeedsAll of their re-certified equipment goes through a rigorous check system to ensure that equipment deployed in schools across the country works just as good as new. Their equipment is also backed by a 3 year advance replacement warranty. They’re also your go to source for the latest equipment from top brands like Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba. If there’s a one stop shop for education technology it’s definitely 2ndGear.

Just ahead of FETC and TCEA, 2ndGear has also announced that they are the new distributor for TRUTOUCH Interactive Displays. TRUTOUCH offers the latest in front of the classroom, digital, interactive displays that are designed to help teachers teach in any way they want. They’re also perfect for sharing active lessons in other classrooms and even across the world.

Newline Interactive’s TRUTOUCH series includes interactive touchscreen displays that enable meetings and presentations without limitations. On one display, an entire team can collaborate by sharing voice, video, data, and annotations. With a built-in Android system standard on every display, users can interact without the need to connect external devices or download additional software – allowing for ease of collaboration and communication.

“We are dedicated to bringing school districts and businesses the best, most productive technology available,” said Leroy Wyman, General Manager, 2NDGEAR. “Newline’s interactive touchscreen displays are impressive because they deliver state-of-the-art meeting, video conferencing and collaboration technology in a way that is incredibly easy to use in either a classroom or conference room. By offering the TRUTOUCH series, our customers will now have access to this excellent collaboration solution that will greatly improve productivity across their organization.”

With TRUTOUCH 2ndGear has found an innovative interactive display technology that is feature packed, reliable and affordable to multi destination school deployments.

Whether your technology needs are big or small 2ndGear can handle them all. Talk to one of their friendly consultants at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #835 or at TCEA 2018 in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #1846 and find them online at 2ndgear.com 

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