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FETC 2018 Preview: 3D Bear Uses Augmented Reality To Teach 3D Concepts To Students

3dbear-FETC2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: 3D Bear Uses Augmented Reality To Teach 3D Concepts To StudentsFinnish Company Blends Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling to Teach Students 3D Concepts and More

Add a 3D Printer to an art or science classroom and you’ll have students engaged almost instantly. With most 3D printers that have a focus on education, teachers get a treasure trove of 3D designs to print. But what about when students want to design their own 3D objects.

In most cases 3D modeling and CAD programs are costly and a lot harder to learn than the basic 3D concepts. Most 3D modeling and CAD programs start with design. While that seems like a logical step, a Finnish company has found another way, through using Augmented Reality.

3D Bear is a gamified learning app that allows students to implement virtual 3D models in real living environments.  The company often takes 3D Bear into schools and libraries and tasks students to create projects like redesigning a playground, a reading corner or a classroom.  Students will collaborate on these projects and then can turn to 3D printing programs to print their rooms, furniture, and other equipment to scale.

3D Bear is creating a well rounded curriculum of technology infused hands on activities that will help students design, make and learn. All of the lessons are gamified. We all know that gamified learning leads to better engagement.

In the U.S. and across the globe one of the biggest hinderances for teachers in STEM/STEAM classes or maker spaces is that it’s hard to get the students to focus when you put a 3D printer, a drone, or a box of robotic parts in front of them. There’s an underlying lesson in most STEM/STEAM activities that can get lost in the madness of anxious students.

3D Bear eliminates this by engaging students in a game wrapped around these concepts in what they call modules. It starts with an introduction to 3D printing and moves onwards through a basic architect game, which really drives home 3D concepts. They even have a “Build Your Own Drone” module that will take students through the entire drone process from motors and propellers to printing a base that is ideal for flying.

3D Bear is providing a much needed foundational learning for concepts that will lead to the careers of the future.

Check out 3D Bear at FETC 2018, January 23-26th in Orlando, Florida, as part of the Pitch Festival, booth #1159F and online at 3dbear.io

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: 3D Bear Uses Augmented Reality To Teach 3D Concepts To Students

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