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Five Session Friday: FETC 2018

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc Five Session Friday: FETC 2018Google Hacks, Mobile Devices, 3D Printing Oh My. Here are five sessions worth checking out at FETC 2018

FETC-18-logo Five Session Friday: FETC 2018

FETC 2018 kicks off in sunny Orlando Florida on January 23rd, right when you need a trip to the sunshine state. With over 300 exhibitors showing the latest edtech products, services and technology and hundreds of sessions to enrich your professional development, skills, and give you a look at the future of technology, FETC is one conference you don’t want to miss.

All of the sessions are worth checking out. In fact you can get a look at the list here on the FETC website. To help you out though, every Friday from now until the conference we will take a look at five sessions worth checking out.

15 Keys to Effective Classroom Management With Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are everywhere. Kids have them everyday in your classrooms. In our day, we would have been suspended for bringing even a beeper to school, but times have changed. Mobile devices can be an amazing tool for teaching. Embrace them and you’ll be one step ahead.

Nancye Blair Black, CEO/Edtech consultant at Engaging Education is leading this session Tuesday January 23, 2018 from 8:00-10:00am.

From the FETC website:

“As student access to mobile learning increases, one question continues to arise: How do you successfully manage the classroom with all these devices? In this workshop, you will explore various practices and routines for successful classroom and device management that can make or break your mobile learning initiative. Plus, you will look at how to balance technical solutions with instructional strategies in order to scaffold mobile device freedoms from kindergarten through grade 12. Discover how to manage students and devices in a 21st century learning environment, with practical tips and resources that will get you one step closer to meeting your mobile learning goals!”

Hipster Google: Tools You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Everyone loves great Google hacks, but sometimes they’re hard to find. Luckily, Eric Curts, Technology Integration Specialist at Stark Portage Area Computer Consortium will introduce you to some of the greatest Google hacks and Google products you didn’t know existed. Enhance your Google toolbox for education with this amazing session. It’s in Bayhill rooms 23 & 24, Tuesday January 23, 2018 from 10:30am-12:30pm.

From the FETC website:

“Everyone knows about Google Docs, Gmail, Search and other common Google tools. However, in addition to those tools, Google has also created a wide range of services, apps, extensions, features and other tools that are not as well-known. Even though these tools are not as widely known, they are very useful in school settings. Learn about hidden gems such as nGram, Trends, Web Fonts, QuickDraw, Tour Builder, SpellUp, Toontastic, Canned Responses, Smarty Pins, Story Builder, Tone, Office Editing, Reverse Image Search, Instant Search Cards and more (list subject to change based on how cool and unknown the tools remain). You’ll leave with a much larger tool box than when you walked in the door.”

myschooldance-banner-fetc Five Session Friday: FETC 20183D Printing in the Classroom

When your school makes the decision to add 3D printers to classrooms or create a maker space one of the hardest decisions is just what 3D printer to go with and what curriculum or other tools to use to maximize the 3D printer, or printers to enhance the students learning experience. Keven Rinaman, the Director of Technology at Calvert Catholic Schools in Ohio, will take you through their schools processes and implementations in making those important decisions.

This session is Tuesday January 23, 2018 in Bayhill room 21, from 4:00-6:00pm.

From the FETC website:

“Learn all about the process Calvert Catholic Schools took to begin using MakerBot Replicator printer(s) with their students. This workshop will highlight the leadership team thought process for deciding which printer to purchase and what accessories, and it will explain the issues that popped up and slowed the process. You will learn the vocabulary of 3D printing, see examples of student work, and take a look at online sites to find lessons and inspiration. You will also experience a live 3D printer in action and start to tinker on your own, and get hands-on experience by doing some basic CAD drawings using TinkerCad online.”


Cyber Crimes: What Administrators Need to Know

Form cyber bullying to making sure students are safe when using your devices, Michelle Cheasty-Christ an instructor at Liberty High School in West Virginia, and Online Adjunct Faculty, American Business and Technology University, will highlight all of the cyber issues that affect students into connected world.

This in-depth look for administrators will explore what digital citizenship is, the new cyber bully, ways that your students are vulnerable through their devices and much more. This session will also look at ways your school may be vulnerable and how to protect it both from the cyber world and potential legal issues.

The session is being held January 24, 2018 in South 331B from 8:00am-10:00am

From the FETC website:

“kids today are connected 24/7. While some understand how important it is to use technology wisely, far too many do not follow precautions. Come explore the new “crimes” kids are committing without even realizing it, and learn strategies for dealing with these new teen bullies as well as the new view of bullying. You’ll discover the role of digital citizenship and media literacy programs in your district and how they can guide student behaviors. Plus, you’ll learn about tools you can give students to deal with these encounters, rather than just looking the other way or facing legal issues, and activities for teaching cyber ethics to keep kids safe in cyberspace.”

Snapping, Gramming and Scoping Your Way To Engagement

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Periscope are apps your students are using every single day. Everyone’s been there, you have a student in the back of the room looking down at her lap and a few minutes later, all the kids are laughing. Chances are they’re snapping in class. How can teachers turn these apps that kids use everyday, that distract them from class, into learning tools that increase engagement?

That’s what Shaelynn Farnsworth, a Literary Consultant with Web20Classroom and Steven Anderson, the Digital Learning and Relationship Evangelist at Web20Classroom will be helping teachers understand. In this session that takes place January 24th from 4:00pm-5:00pm in booth 1100, teachers will get the low down on great ways to engage.

From the FETC website:

“Students and parents alike seem to spend hours on their devices swiping, liking and upvoting all sorts of content. What if, as educators we can harness the power that these non-traditional social media tools have in order to engage our students in the classroom and our parents and community out of the classroom. Join us as we will examine the current social media landscape and go in-depth into some tools and apps you might not think about when it comes to engagement. Learn how you can “Snap”, “Gram” and “Scope” your way to a more engaged classroom.”

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