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FETC 2018 Video: Agents Of Discovery Is Getting Students Outside And Exploring New Heights

studyo-fetc-banner-720 FETC 2018 Video: Agents Of Discovery Is Getting Students Outside And Exploring New HeightsWe Spoke With Agents Of Discovery Founder Mary Clark At FETC 2018 About AR, Outside Of The Classroom

This year during the edtech conference season we expect to see plenty of companies that are bringing augmented reality (AR) into the classroom. There’s one company that is taking AR to the next level in so many ways, one of them is by taking it outside of the classroom.

There name says it all. Their augmented reality app turns your students into agents of discovery, allowing them to discover the world around them in ways we never dreamt would be possible. Once the app is downloaded, teachers select a location it could be a park, a museum, a famous building or other location.  Load the students up on a bus and take field trips to new heights.

What’s even more is that teachers can turn the school building and even the school yard into an interactive lesson that gets kids moving about and collaborating.

While using mobile devices, as students focus the camera on monuments, structures, exhibits and even trees, a world of information is loaded, sparking hours of discussion and intrigue. But Agents of Discovery is more than just a museum guide chock full of information, there are also activities built around real life structures. For instance at Chandler Parks, Agents of Discovery has turned a sun dial into a “human sun dial” users morph into a sun dial and then learn the intricacies of how a sun dial was used before the modern watch.

Students can earn badges as they complete tasks playing this intuitive and interactive game. The best part is the knowledge and education they are gaining with very minimal effort.

AOD offers over 1000 curriculum based challenges for kids and students. If that’s not enough, or teachers want to play Agents of Discovery at a location that’s not already turned into a challenge, the company provides an easy to use Mission Maker tool. Teachers can design their own interactive missions that can easily be shared with other teachers in their school, district or across the globe.

The benefits to Agents of Discovery are ten fold. First your getting students off their butts and outside at a time where more and more schools are eliminating outdoor recess. They’re also getting a chance to practice real 21st century skills and retaining information at a higher rate with hands on placed based learning.

The company was started by CEO Mary Clark who’s spent a good part of her career getting kids to go back outside.

Check out our interview with Mary from FETC 2018 in Orlando last week, and for more information, or to get started discovering, visit 

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classmax-fetc-banner FETC 2018 Video: Agents Of Discovery Is Getting Students Outside And Exploring New Heights