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FETC 2018 Preview: Store Your iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks Anywhere With AnywhereCart

anywherecart-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: Store Your iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks Anywhere With AnywhereCartAnywhereCart’s Charging and Storage Solutions Are Built To Last A Lifetime

Do you teach in a school with a 1:1 device program? More and more schools are moving towards 1:1 device programs. This is great for students and teachers, but many of those teachers know, it can quickly become a big mess.

Without the right kind of storage and charging solution cords end up everywhere, cords end up missing or broken and even the devices themselves can get broken. Trying to deploy and then corral 28 iPads, Chromebooks or Android tablets is a lot harder than it sounds.

Many companies have started designing all in one solutions for storing and charging devices in a classroom environment. Many of those companies are also falling short when it comes to the classroom part. Storage and charging solutions in the classroom need:

  • organized storage
  • easy mechanisms for storing and retrieving
  • charging while stored
  • cord management
  • wheels
  • locks

AnywhereCart has all of those features and more in configurations ranging from 12 devices to 36. Their carts are rugged and easy to move about the classroom. They also have a basket style cart which makes deployment in grades K-5 a breeze.

Underneath the hood you’ll find AnywhereCart’s proprietary Intelli-Sense charging system. This smart charging system is designed to charge devices stored in the cart in the most efficient way possible. It also distributes the power to the devices that need it most, while it backs off powering and charging devices that are fully charged. This doesn’t just save time, it saves money by putting less wear and tear on device batteries.

The smart charging system ensures that once all of the devices get to 100% they stay that way. Pro-Tip* if your fortunate enough to start a brand new 1:1 program, buying an AnywhereCart at the same time ensures all the device batteries stay on the exact same life cycle.

The big AnywhereCart difference is that since 2014 their device carts have been device neutral, and priced lower than the competition. Todd McKelvie and the team behind AnywhereCart has been creating device cart solutions for the last twenty years. Schools across the country trust AnywhereCart.

You can see the AnywhereCart difference at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #644 and online at 

img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: Store Your iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks Anywhere With AnywhereCart