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FETC 2018 Preview: AppleCrossing Is Your iDevice Partner for 1:1

applecrossing-FETC-top FETC 2018 Preview: AppleCrossing Is Your iDevice Partner for 1:1K-12 Schooos Can Trust AppleCrossing For Their iDevice 1:1 Solutions

1:1 programs are one of the fastest growing trends in K-12 education. Recent data from Kajeet suggests that,   1 in 4 K-12 educators wants to continue, improve or implement a 1:1 device program. When the barriers to entry are taken away, a 1:1 program is naturally the best way to institute forward thinking technology initiatives.

Chromebooks and Apple devices are winning the  rooms in 1:1 initiatives across the country. Chromebooks are winning for their lower cost, open nature and ability to quickly set up and deploy. Apple is winning because of their reliability, familiarity and feature sets.

AppleCrossing is a technology solution provider for K-12 education. As their name suggests they specialize in Apple products and iDevices (like iPads) for the K-12 classroom. But, they’re also a solution provider for Chromebooks.

AppleCrossing provides support for school deployments of any size. They want to be your schools support provider for your Apple devices and Chromebooks so you can focus on learning and students.

A few things set AppleCrossing apart from other support providers. First off they prefer a 1:1 approach for customer service with each of their educational customers. AppleCrossing understands the importance of getting devices back to their customers and students as quick as possible. Having devices down at a local real estate office may be inconvenient. Downtime at school affects learning.

AppleCrossing offers support agreements for education so you can live with he peace of mind that your devices will be repaired in an urgent fashion.

Education is also their main focus, which means they’re familiar with the most common repairs needed for devices in a classroom environment.

AppleCrossing is also a great source for refurbished equipment. By purchasing your equipment from AppleCrossing you will be able to get quality, warrantied equipment without the expenses associated with brand new equipment.

Find out more about AppleCrossing at FETC 2018 in January 23-26 in Orlando Florida, booth #2245. Find them online at applecrossing.com

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: AppleCrossing Is Your iDevice Partner for 1:1