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Bulb Announces New Partnership With Future Ready at FETC and BETT

classmax-fetc-banner Bulb Announces New Partnership With Future Ready at FETC and BETTFETC 2018 Video: We Got A Chance To Catch Up With Bulb To Talk Future Ready, Digital Portfolios and More

Bulb is leading the way in creative, full featured digital portfolios for education. Bulbs can be created by teachers and students to showcase their body of work through their academic careers and beyond.

The problem with most digital portfolio products is that they are just digital lockers for student work. What’s more is that most of the available digital portfolio’s on the edtech market, stay with the classroom, grade level or school where they started. The digital portfolio market is so fragmented that one teacher in one school may use one product, and the teacher in the classroom next door may use a different product that’s not compatible.

Bulb wants to be a centralized digital portfolio for any student anywhere. They also want that student to be able to carry that portfolio with them throughout their entire scholastic career. Which is a welcomed change from other similar products. With other portfolio products the teacher is in control. Bulb puts the control back into the hands of the student. It’s their work after all.

Bulb isn’t just the locker, it’s also the creation platform. Built into Bulb are creative tools that allow students, or anyone, the ability to create a portfolio, customize the portfolio and bring content in from any place they want. Bulb allows their users to create groups that can access different types of content within their portfolio. This makes it possible for the high school sophomore to have a resume group, a school work group and even a group for their poems, art or sports statistics.

Bulb has a variety of features designed to make creating and sharing student (and even teacher) work brilliant and eye popping. From organizing their portfolios to displaying their work, Bulb is fully customizable.

This year at both FETC and BETT, Bulb announced a major new partnership with Future Ready Schools.

Bulb and FRS announced a national initiative to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for success in college, a career and citizenship. Through FRS programs and partnerships, thousands of district leaders have planned and implemented personalized, research-based digital learning strategies for millions of students to achieve their full potential.

“Personalized learning is at the heart of Future Ready Schools,” said Tom Murray, Director of Innovation for FRS. “By partnering with a digital leader like bulb, FRS benefits from the experience that bulb has developed in its service to students and educators nationwide. Together we can move closer to the goal of ensuring that every student has access to a rigorous, personalized learning environment filled with caring adults.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Future Ready Schools as their philosophy aligns directly with bulb Digital Portfolios: transforming instructional pedagogy and leveraging technology to personalize learning in the classroom,” said Erik Petrik, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. Nearly a quarter million students and educators around the world are creating a path to educational and career opportunity through bulb Digital Portfolios. In the last year alone, we have seen bulb users around the world secure scholarships, internships and career opportunities directly through sharing their learning journey on bulb. bulb looks forward to growing their relationship with FRS in 2018.”

At FETC 2018 in Orlando we got a chance to talk with Cora Rodenbusch and Bria Jones about this new Future Ready Schools partnership and what it means for students. We also discussed how their new, innovative approach to digital portfolios is being received by teachers and administrators.

Watch the video above and for more info visit bulbapp.com You can also see Bulb at TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #1545 and at SXSWedu in Austin, March 5-8th.

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