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There’s Assessment Management, And Then There’s Gauge

TDX-FETC-Banner-ITSM-to-Keep-Schools-Learning-720x90 There's Assessment Management, And Then There's GaugeFETC 2018 Preview: Gauge From The Makers Of Canvas, Is The Missing Link Between Testing and Instruction.

gauge-canvas-FETC2018-top There's Assessment Management, And Then There's Gauge

With more and more school districts moving towards a technology driven learning landscape there’s no reason to be using old, inefficient assessment management platforms.

Assessment management used to mean a software platform for cataloging test questions, answers and scores. If you’re district was really lucky you may have had a system that extrapolated a little bit of this information and could possibly show you how your students ranked. But probably not.  Assessment management used to equate to right and wrong, pass and fail, and that’s it.

Instracture, the creators of the award winning, Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) have applied the same fundamentals used in creating the most usable, customizable, adaptable and reliable learning platform, when creating Gauge, an assessment management platform designed for the way teachers teach and the way learners learn.

Educators today aren’t teaching “for the test”. They don’t give tests to make better test takers, they give tests to make better learners. That’s the mentality in Gauge. Formative assessment is like science experiments meant to inform instruction.

Gauge allows schools and districts to administer assessments at scale and on demand to targeted groups, class sections and even districts. At the same time gauge allows teachers to deploy targeted assessments and using data, target teaching towards specific students. With gauge, teachers and administrators can drill down to specific students and student groups, something you won’t find in other assessment management platforms.

With the same folks behind Gauge that have been providing Canvas for years, Gauge provides an amazing tool within the Canvas ecosystem. Gauge links assessment to achievement and growth directly within Canvas. With AMS and LMS together you get better teaching and better learning.

Gauge the difference assessment management can make in your school or district at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #243 and online here at canvaslms.com

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