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FETC 2018 Preview: Manage All Of Your Students’ Health With Care Monkey

caremonkey-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: Manage All Of Your Students' Health With Care MonkeyCare Monkey Is The Best Way To Manage All Of Your Students Health Information

Teachers, administrators and school nurses have a lot on their plate and times have definitely changed. The days of a couple of aspirin and a bag of ice making everything better in the nurses office are over. Blue forms, allergies, medication, and parental consent are just the beginning for school nurses these days. They have to keep up with everything. Records need to be clear and methodical. In today’s modern world there’s no room for accidents and no room for mistakes.

Luckily there’s CareMonkey.

Whether you’re running a school with 2000 students or a sports team with 20, if one of those students should have some kind of medical emergency, you need access to their information in seconds. Say you’re leading a field trip and a student gets stung by a bee. You’re going to need to know pretty quickly, if he or she is allergic.

For that scenario, and simple management of your school’s health room, there’s Australian startup CareMonkey.  CareMonkey keeps up with medical records and online forms, for schools, sports, outdoors and other groups. Their easy to setup and even easier to use platform already has more than a million satisfied users.

CareMonkey eliminates the use of paper forms and the headaches of having to chase paper forms down from parents. Parents are happy because it’s easier to submit information about their child’s health. CareMonkey also insures that administrators, school nurses and coaches have the most up to date information.

CareMonkey offers a complete, and robust set of features for managing all of your students, players, and kids’ medical information. Their automated school forms are a breeze to set up, fill out and implement. Then, student data, is available to those that need it, securely. Data can be accessed on and offline so that even in the worst of crisis’ teachers, administrators and coaches can access the relevant info they need.

For routine health room visits, the nurse has access to medications, dosage needs, allergies and other ailments that may affect a student. CareMonkey has thought of everything when it comes to managing the acute care of any child in every environment.

The company was founded by Troy Westley in 2011. In 2015 CareMonkey won the Slush 2015 international startup competition. That same year, the company won the Talent Unleashed competition, catching the eyes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and global entrepreneurial giant Richard Branson who said that CareMonkey was ““Certainly one to watch”.

You can check out CareMonkey in person at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th booth #1743  and online at caremonkey.com 

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: Manage All Of Your Students' Health With Care Monkey