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FETC 2018: Thank Goodness Class Craft Is So Awesome

codereadr-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Thank Goodness Class Craft Is So AwesomeIf Classcraft Wasn’t So Awesome We Would Have A Big Problem

This may go down in history as our best story from FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida this week. It involves Class Craft the company that gamifies the entire classroom experience, Shawn Young, a co-founder of Class Craft, Tatum our 10 year old edtech reporter and a huge Harry Potter spoiler. It’s one of those stories where Young is probably not going to know what to say when we run into him at TCEA, ISTE and any other conference we attend together. But first let’s explain just why Class Craft is so amazing.

We’re all familiar with Games Based Learning. There are some incredible companies in the games based learning space. Specifically at FETC 2018 we saw Wibbu who’s Ruby Rei character is good enough to have popped out of a console game. Her wild adventure takes students through a journey learning languages, digital citizenship and social values. Ruby Rei has kicked the stone out of Rosetta into another galaxy. Yes it’s that good.

Then you’ve got Santeri Koivisto a gamer turned educator that saw the value in bringing Minecraft into the classroom and created MinecraftEDU. If that wasn’t enough Koivisto’s latest company, TeacherGaming gives teacher’s a toolbox ready to help them gamify instrucitonal material and lessons.

Then you have Shawn Young an a teacher, avid gamer and entrepreneur, who along with his brother Devin and their dad, started Class Craft, the first company that gamifies the entire school experience.

Classcraft transforms the classroom into an “epic adventure” that students can play throughout the year. The company looks to gamify the entire classroom experience rather than just offer a suite of educational games, rather than just one element of the learning experience.

studyo-fetc-banner-720 FETC 2018: Thank Goodness Class Craft Is So AwesomeWith Classcraft, teachers use quests to overlay their course content and learning activities into one interactive map. This turns their lessons into “choose your own adventure” style experiences.  Classcraft takes gamification of the classroom and the learning experience to an entirely new level. In fact, Young prefers the term ludicization; “To create a situation from which play can emerge”.

Classcraft emerged from an idea Young had where he thought school would be much more satisfying if it was more like an RPG (role playing game). Classcraft is gamifying or rather ludicifying the experience of coming to school rather than just content. Devin Young is the designer in the family, and the company. They’ve done an amazing job of designing ClassCraft to look and feel more like something you would buy off the shelf at GameStop rather than an educational product. That’s what is driving student success with the entire platform.

In the video above Tatum talks with Shawn about Classcraft. After perusing the game based learning pavilion at FETC she quickly noticed that Classcraft was different. They talk about that and more in her interview video.

So what’s the big problem?

This is Tatum’s fourth FETC and every year we alternate Disney and Universal on our trip down to FETC. This year is a Universal year and luckily for her it’s also the annual Harry Potter Fan Fest Weekend. So you’ve probably noticed in most of her video interviews her “special question” is to ask the person she’s interviewing who their favorite Harry Potter character is. This has sparked some fun and intriguing conversation. Like the others, Young was enthusiastic about participating in this discussion with Tatum. So enthusiastic that he totally accidentally spoiled the 7th movie for her (she’s only seen up through the 5th movie). How did he spoil it, you’ll have to watch the video to find out. Although a bit sensitive. Tatum isn’t actually mad, she had a good laugh about it on Twitter with Shawn. Part of that though is because she said Classcraft was awesome.

While we never post the videos in order, Classcraft was the last interview we did at FETC this year and Tatum was saying “we saved the best for last” as we were walking back to their booth, that was right until the Harry Potter part. She even does a classic mic drop that totally cut the sound out.

Check out the epic video interview above and for more information visit classcraft.com

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FETC-Banner FETC 2018: Thank Goodness Class Craft Is So Awesome