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FETC 2018 Preview: Simplify Sign-On For Everyone With ClassLink

classlink-FETC2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: Simplify Sign-On For Everyone With ClassLinkClassLink Gives You and Your Students More Time For Learning

Most educators want one thing, and that’s to teach their students. K-12 teachers don’t get into the field for the money, that’s for sure. Learning, development and instruction are the cornerstones of the teaching career.

While technology has helped give more time back to instruction, it’s also created a time suck in some environments where precious class time is overrun with sign on issues and making sure everyone is on the same page on the same app or the same platform at the same time. In a room with 30 first graders, that can prove more challenging than getting them to quiet down for reading aloud.

That’s why New Jersey startup has simplified the sign on process with a single signon option geared specifically for K-16 education.

Single signon is not a new idea. There are several companies doing single sign on for a variety of industries. However, if you were to take your run of the mill single sign on for enterprise product, you’re still going to have students that have trouble. See, at the end of the day, the student user is quite different than every other user out there. ClassLink gets that.

ClassLink offers single sign on for the classroom giving students and teachers instant access to whatever classroom apps they are using. It works with thousands of different apps at different educational levels. ClassLink’s single sign on process can access popular classroom titles like Google Apps, Scootpad, Blackbord, IXL, MyOn, Classworks and literally thousands more.

ClassLink also offers a MyFiles feature that gives students access to their files whether they are on local drives, in a classroom cloud or across popular services like Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft One Drive or a host of others.

“ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. Accessible from any device, ClassLink is the perfect tool for ensuring the success of a campus BYOD initiative.” The company says.

Currently there are over 80 million devices in classrooms across the country. All of those devices need a simple way to get access to apps. Teacher’s don’t need to waste precious class time worrying that Johnny or Jane isn’t logged onto the app everyone else is using. One click and done makes it much simpler, as easy as taking a pencil out of your desk.

Chances are, ClassLink is the single sign on platform your school has been looking for. You can find out more at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th and online at classlink.com 

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