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FETC 2018 Video: ClassMax Is The Easiest Way To Manage Your Classroom

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 FETC 2018 Video: ClassMax Is The Easiest Way To Manage Your ClassroomAfter Using Multiple Tools and Spreadsheets, 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Katie Brown, Created ClassMax

For 8th grade teacher Katie Brown, classroom management became a headache. Like most K-12 teachers, Brown was tasked with too many mundane administrative tasks across a wide variety of spreadsheets and other tools. She wanted to spend her valuable class time actually teaching her students.

After checking out every other tool out there, Brown assembled a team to create ClassMax, the easiest way to manage the important things in the classroom like attendance, behavior, performance observations and more.

ClassMax starts with an easy to use, intuitive dashboard with large, bright icons so that even the busiest teachers can still find the time to enter important performance observations and turn it into trackable data that can be used for formative assessments and more.

With ClassMax the day starts with attendance. The teacher can quickly note who’s not in attendance and then as the day progresses you won’t see that student’s icon on your dashboard. The platform will account for that student not being present throughout the day, especially when looking at a wholistic overview of the class in regards to standards and progress.  ClassMax will also offer seating charts so you know where each student is.

Speaking of standards, teachers can load in the standards they are currently working on and as the day goes on they can keep ClassMax up to date so every teacher knows exactly where every student is. Teachers can go in and make notes on each students progress and evaluate the whole class.

ClassMax is designed to give a teacher an on-going dashboard view of three main components that actual teachers need everyday.

  • Standards based student progress
  • Positive and negative behavior
  • Student accommodations

ClassMax is designed to be used on any device so that teachers can use it on their iPads, smartphones or at their desk. It makes it easy to record data on the spot, naturally as things occur in the classroom.

ClassMax even helps teachers track accommodations usage so that they don’t need to go back later and guess what they did to help a particular student. ClassMax makes it simple to extract the data into reports that teachers need at the school and district level. When she designed it, Brown wanted to make sure that it added to a teacher’s productivity and not hindered it.

Check out our interview with Katie Brown above and for more info visit classmaxapp.com 

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TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Video: ClassMax Is The Easiest Way To Manage Your Classroom