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JCampus By EDgear Is The Last Student Information System Your District Will Ever Need

edgear-fetc-top JCampus By EDgear Is The Last Student Information System Your District Will Ever NeedFETC 2018 Preview: EDgear’s JCampus Is The Last (SIS) Your School Or District Will Ever Need

When you think Student Information System you typically find yourself thinking about address information, grades, and discipline. Looking beyond that, typically means turning to another piece of software from another provider. What administrators at the school and district level are looking for, is the ability to streamline all of their processes.

Calling JCampus by EDgear a Student Information System (SIS), would be doing it a great disservice. Although, the Shreveport Louisiana based edtech company can trace their roots back to a discipline software management tool.

Today, in the ever changing world of technology in education, EDgear, has made sure that JCampus puts all the tools a school level or district level administrator would need, right at their fingertips.

JCampus starts with a robust, feature rich information system that incorporates every students personal information, along with grades, notes, discipline, IEP and any other piece of information that directly corresponds to an individual student. That’s just the beginning.

JCampus has several modules that cover everything from district zone mapping, to special education.

  • District Mapping System: Allows districts to draw their attendance zones right on Google Maps. This sets up district zone guidelines for each school in your district and then locks that information in so that administrators at each school can make sure that student addresses correspond to the right school location.
  • Address & Attendance Zone Validation: integrates address validation routines, seamlessly into the enrollment process. This tool streamlines and helps identify same address households across the district. There’s no more question as to which students get zoned to which school.
  • Integrated Event and Automated Calling: is an easy to use messaging tool that can deliver canned voice recordings or text messages to parents, students, teachers and district staff. Automated messaging can be used for attendance, grades, event notification, closings, delays, cancellations, and so much more. The system easily accounts for split families and other custodial arrangements for your districts’ students. It’s also designed to handle emergency messaging, student, staff, school or district wide.
  • Classroom Walk Through: Is the administrations best friend when it comes to professional development. This tool puts your classroom evaluation forms right into your smart phone or tablet. You can do scheduled observations or even perform an observation on the fly because you always have the tools you need in your pocket.
  • Automated Notification System: Is a fully customizable and automated rules based email notification system. This tool can be used to make notifications when critical attention to students or data is needed. This tool sends daily, monthly or annual comparison summary reports including DEWS reports.
  • Student Steering & Response to Intervention: Is the discipline tool for the JCampus system. Principals, administrators, even district level administrators can have instant access to information for all data pertaining to referrals, interventions, parent or student conferencing, and more. This tool is also equipped to handle preparing for court and office of civil rights data. Administrators can view the data in this system in a variety of ways including graphs.
  • Gradebook and Lessonbook: These two tools are fundamental to the JCampus experience. The Gradebook allows teachers to perform automated grade calculations and import grading data from assessments, classwork and more. The Grade Book tool also provides real time, accrued grading so teachers and students can know exactly where they stand. Lessonbook goes hand in hand with Gradebook. Teachers can put their lesson plans right into JCampus and not have to deal with multiple systems. The lesson approval process becomes a piece of cake using the Lessonbook tool.

When it comes to student information systems, EDgear has thought of everything any administrator would possibly need to help schools focus on learning and less time on administration. Check out JCampus and EDgear in person at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, Booth #2646 and online at EDgear.com

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img_4366 JCampus By EDgear Is The Last Student Information System Your District Will Ever Need