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FETC 2018 Preview: e-hallpass From Eduspire Solutions Is The Hall Pass For the 1:1 Generation

When You Have 1:1 Devices In The Classroom, Why Bother With Paper Hall Passes

e-hallpass-eduspire-FETC2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: e-hallpass From Eduspire Solutions Is The Hall Pass For the 1:1 Generation

The paper hall pass has served it’s purpose for decades. Get students from point a to point b and let others know they have permission to be there. Of course if the hall pass pad was stolen, and students had good handwriting, it meant a free for all. Those days are gone, in thanks partly to technology.

Eduspire Solutions has developed the new virtual e-hallpass, designed for 1:1 schools and schools that have devices rather than pens and paper in the classroom. As more and more schools go in that direction, it just makes sense to bring the hall pass to the digital age. With an e-hallpass also comes increased security, better tracking and a less likelihood that students will write their own passes.

With this breakthrough hall pass platform teachers can spend a lot less time worrying about writing hall passes and more time teaching. Students get permission from their teacher to go from point A to point B and then open up the hall pass app. Students quickly open up the e-hallpass app and fill out a hall pass request. Once they submit the request they get the teacher’s permission who verifies that permission by entering his/her pin number. If the student is requesting to go to another location with a teacher or faculty member present, that faculty member enters their pin code when the student arrives, letting the other teacher know they arrived safely and making a notation in the cloud based platform. Now, teachers and administrators can keep better track of what students are where, especially if an emergency situation should arise.

e-hallpass can be used for any reason, lockers, hallways, bathroom, nurse’s office, front office or to another teacher. The cloud based platform keeps track of where the student is supposed to be and how long they are “in the hall”. Teachers can look at the dashboard to see where the student is supposed to be. They can even use historical reports to see where the student has been all year and when. e-hallpass is great for tracking hall outliers and abusers.

The hall pass has innovated over the years from a simple wood block, to the eraser, to paper and now digital technology. Now, teachers can keep accurate track of students and get them back to learning as quick as possible.

Check out e-hallpass when you visit with Eduspire Solutions at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1942 and you can visit them online at eduspiresolutions.org.

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