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FETC 2018 Preview: EventLink Is Your School’s Scheduling Platform For Everything

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: EventLink Is Your School's Scheduling Platform For EverythingEventLink: Finally A School Scheduling Platform For Everything

eventlink-fetc2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: EventLink Is Your School's Scheduling Platform For Everything

There are several software platforms and packages for schools that have some kind of calendar system built in. Your LMS may have a scheduling program lesson planning and another for homework. Your SIS platform may have a scheduling program for the academic calendar and parent teacher conferences. And forget your athletics program, they’ve been left out in the cold, entirely.

We all know too well that when scheduling is done in separate programs it turns into a complete clusterf*ck and everyone ends up, upset. The drama department has been practicing for their winter musical all semester long and opening night is set for the same night as the biggest home football game in the state. Teachers are scheduled for lunch room duty in the middle of lab, the list of headaches can go on and on.

EventLink has finally done something about this problem by creating a schedule and calendar platform for every part of education.

With EventLink for Education, Administrators can:

  • Create calendars for every club, every class, every organization, every department and every teacher, school wide. They can then see these calendars laid over top of one another so they know where real conflicts exist.
  • Hall Pass- EventLink includes a hall pass feature so you know where your students are at all times.  This gives you peace of mind during emergency situations, and you can see what students are slacking off.
  • Notifications can be sent by calendar group instead of school wide. Do you need to let the marching band know to park in the faculty lot next Saturday, just send a message to everyone subscribed to the marching band’s calendar.
  • Private calendars mean that you can organize lunch duty, fire drills and top secret administrative meetings without other students or other faculty prying in.
  • School and district wide sync means you can keep the bosses, and the bosses bosses up to date with your entire school’s calendar.

You may see some bits and pieces from other software solutions hiding in the benefits of EventLink, but it’s the first school scheduling and calendar program to take all of these features and put them in one easy to use tool for administrators. Also, unlike other school scheduling and calendar platforms, EventLink is designed for the athletic department too.

With Eventlink Athletic Directors can:

  • Create detailed calendars and sub calendars for every sport. Update practice times, home games, and away games in real time. Does your O-line have extra practices? They can have their own calendar. The Athletic Director can view all of the calendars on top of one another to see where there are scheduling conflicts, before they happen.
  • Schedule event logistics: Athletic Directors can schedule the transport team, the band, the players, parents, coaches and even field maintenance within EventLink.
  • Schedule Officials: Make sure your games always have officials at kick off, tip off, and first pitch using EventLink’s officials tool. They’ve even made it easy to make sure officials are paid for their time.
  • Notifications, send important notifications to players, parents, coaches, officials and other athletic event stakeholders with the same ease found in the administrator tool.

Chances are if you’re not using EventLink you’re setting yourself up for classic scheduling headaches. You can find out more at FETC in Orlando, Jaunary 23-26th, booth #1443 and online at eventlink.com

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