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FETC 2018 Preview: You Can Teach So Much With Gizmos From Explore Learning

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: You Can Teach So Much With Gizmos From Explore LearningGizmos Simulations From Explore Learning Ignite Science and Math In Students

explorelearning-gizmos-FETC2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: You Can Teach So Much With Gizmos From Explore Learning

Gizmos from Explore Learning, do just that. They open up the world of science and math to students with no boundaries. Gizmos are fun, educational, interactive simulations for students in grades 3-12.

Imagine if you had an unlimited budget and unlimited time to teach science and math concepts to your students. You would probably spend all the time doing labs, experiments and projects. You could launch rockets one day, grow plants the next and breed mice the day after that. The sky would be the limit and engagement would be through the roof and the test scores would go right along with it.

Unfortunately that’s far from reality. Experiments and labs take up so much time and money. There aren’t enough school days for science teachers and math teachers to give the hands on lessons they want to give.

Well, with Explore Learning’s Gizmos you can.

Explore Learning has created over 400 Gizmos, interactive computer based simulations covering every topic in science and math. These interactive simulations can be used on a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, iPad or Android device. Teachers can even do them on smart boards and Clear Touch Displays.

With Gizmos every student has something to graph, measure, compare, predict, prove and even blow up. For safety’s sake, and your budget, everything is done on screen. But being on screen doesn’t take away from the material, in fact it enhances it. For instance in once Gizmo students can genetically breed mice. They put two different mice together and voila, they’re off to creating more mice. If they mess something up in the process or don’t like the results, they just virtually change one of the parent mice and they’re off to the races again.

In another Gizmo students can grow plants. If they forget to water the plant, it wilts and dies, they just start over. No cleanup necessary.

For the teacher, parent and administrator Explore Learning has gone above and beyond to make sure that Gizmos correlate with just about every curriculum, textbook and standard available for students in grade 3-12. They’ve also optimized organization so teachers can create lessons around Gizmos weeks in advance, or if they need to reinforce a concept, in say Chemistry or algebraic equations, there’s a search tool within Gizmos. Quick search mean that in minutes a teacher can read a brief description and have students working on that particular Gizmo.

Teachers from coast to coast have experienced better engagement, better grades and better test scores as the result of using Gizmos in their classroom.

Explore Learning is also committed to Professional Development. They offer workshops for getting started and higher level workshops for power users and teachers who want a refresher as they grow their Gizmo use. Explore Learning also offers a wide range of support services for teachers, schools and districts.

If you’re not using Gizmos or you want to see the latest Gizmos you can meet them at FETC 2018 in Orlando January 23-26th, booth #443 and find them online at explorelearning.com 

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