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FETC 2018 Will Be Here Before You Know It

FETC-Top FETC 2018 Will Be Here Before You Know ItFETC 2018 Will Be Bigger and Better Than Ever

The Future of Education Technology Conference will be here before you know it. With November starting tomorrow, everyone will move into holiday mode and then voila, FETC time. The Future of Education Technology Conference happens in Orlando Florida January 23-26 and everyone loves a reason to get to Florida in the dead of winter.

Outside of that, the biggest independent edtech conference for grades K-12 continues to get bigger and better every single year.

That starts with the keynotes. This year they have world renowned speaker, Sir Ken Robinson, the TED talk speaker with the most views in the history of Ted Talks, “Do Schools Kill Creativity”, will kick off the conference.

“The Future of Education Technology Conference is valued by educators for the same reasons that so many in education and beyond have found inspiration in the work of Sir Ken Robinson―because of a forward-thinking approach to societal needs and student success, and the recognition that innovation and creativity are certainly not ‘nice-to-haves,’ but rather crucial building blocks of the world we need,” said Jennifer Womble, program chair of FETC. “We could not think of a more perfect opening keynote presenter for this year’s conference and we look forward to welcoming Sir Ken to FETC.”

Like a pair of unbelievably awesome book ends, with Sir Ken Robinson kicking off FETC 2018, Dr. Ayanna Howard, the founder of ZyRobotics, is set to close it out.

Howard’s FETC keynote, “The Value of Inclusive STEM Education: Robots and their Role in our Future,” will take a look at the recent upsurge in attention given to robots and artificial intelligence (AI) and their future role in our society. How do schools make robots―which, with intelligence, are advancing into beneficial, life-saving machines for assisting us in our everyday lives―accessible for the next generation of diverse students? Through lessons learned building robots that assist children with special needs, Howard will discuss the elements of intelligence, trust, and emotional empathy robots are emulating. The keynote will conclude with advice outlining how educators can best prepare students to embrace the inevitable future.

“Throughout Dr. Ayanna Howard’s career, she has demonstrated a consistent commitment to many of the key ideals of FETC―among them innovation, invention, and inclusive education for all learners―and has done so with consistent success and much-deserved acclaim,” said Jennifer Womble, program chair of FETC. “We are honored and excited that Dr. Howard will share such a timely and forward-looking keynote with our 2018 conference attendees and we can’t wait to hear her insights on robots and their role in the future of society.”

Add to that “Tech Share Live” featuring Adam Bellow, Hall Davidson, Leslie Fisher, and Kathy Schrock and you’re in for four days of amazing professional development, discussions, workshops and an exhibit hall with a look at hundreds of the latest technology headed to schools everywhere. STEM/STEAM, 3D Printing, Accessibility, robotics, apps and more will all be featured in the exhibit hall.

FETC has a super savings discount of $150 off registration now through November 17th so just in time to pick up your registration before the holiday rush. You can register here. 

Stay tuned to nibletz.com for the ultimate independent preview guide to this year’s FETC conference.  Nibletz will have conference previews, company interviews, company previews and more before FETC and comprehensive coverage on site. Join us! For more of our FETC coverage, bookmark here. 

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