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FETC 2018: Tatum Finds A Coding Toy Meant To Get You Outside

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018: Tatum Finds A Coding Toy Meant To Get You OutsideThe Zubi Flyer from Fuze Play Teaches Those Middle Children Coding and Then Gets Them Outside. Check Out Tatum’s Interview From FETC 2018

Zubi Flyer was created by Kristy Sevy when she struggled with finding quality STEM/STEAM toys for her 10 year old daughter and her two sisters. It wasn’t a gender issue in any way, it was a unique issue we’ve seen a lot lately. There are coding toys for younger kids and coding toys for older kids but those kids in the middle, ages 8-13 are pretty much stuck picking something a little too “kiddie” or a little too hard.

The answer is Fuze Play and their first toy the Zubi flyer

Zubi Flyer is the world’s first hackable frisbee disc that can be used as an actual frisbee disc and kids can program it to play a variety of games. Fuze Play ships Zubi Flyer with a book of cards with a dozen games that kids can code Zubi Flyer to play but they can also connect Zubi Flyer to the computer and by using Scratch, can code their own games, special effects and more.

Zubi Flyer is also the first frisbee to feature a circuit board. The circuit board has a variety of LED lights. The microprocessor on board allows kids to use a “magic wand” to create wild light patterns and play interactive games that they can program themselves.

The included games are:

  • Catch The Light
  • Hot Potato
  • Simon Says
  • Hand Harmonica
  • Telephone
  • Newbie Zubi
  • RGB Light Hack
  • RGB Single Light Hack
  • Name That Tune
  • Shortcut Hack
  • Mood Light

The first thing to love about Fuze and Zubi Flyer are addressing a group of kids that only a handful of companies are paying attention to. The other thing parents and teachers love about Zubi Flyer is it’s an edtech, STEM/STEAM, coding toy that actually encourages kids to go outside and actively play.

Tatum got a chance to try out Zubi Flyer at the Fuze booth at FETC 2018 and she spent some time chatting up Kyle Muir, Kristy’s brother and the co-founder of Fuze Play. Check out the video above and for more information visit fuzeplay.io

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id123-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Tatum Finds A Coding Toy Meant To Get You Outside