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FETC 2018 Preview: Gale, Give Your School The Most Powerful Research Library In The World

gale-cengage-FETC-top FETC 2018 Preview: Gale, Give Your School The Most Powerful Research Library In The WorldEmpower Your School With Gale, The Most Powerful Digital Research Library In The World, and Much More.

For today’s students in elementary, middle and high school, what’s outside of their school library is just as important as what’s in their school library. Access to the best information is paramount to student success. The internet offers a world of information that students just 20 years ago didn’t have.

Google is great for research and finding content on just about anything in the world. But like Wikipedia, there’s a lot of flawed material within the rank and file of Google results. Research and academic tools in today’s schools need to be curated. We need to know that the material students are accessing is accurate.

That’s just one of the things that Gale, a Cengage company, can offer schools far and wide. Gale is a leading edtech and digital nonfiction content provider in the world. They offer authoritative, curriculum aligned resources to improve student engagement, encourage collaboration and foster critical thinking.

There are millions of curated content resources available that Gale provides.

Science and Social Studies:

Gale brings the power of the Smithsonian Institute to History classes across the country. Through “Smithsonian Primary Sources In U.S. History” students can explore over 1800 resources from the Smithsonian.  The collection of resources spans from the pre-colonial era through the cold war. Students can explore The Declaration Of Independence, speeches penned by JFK and Martin Luther King Jr, and historic information about the Berlin Wall. The standards aligned database is designed to allow teachers and students integration with G Suite for Eduation, Microsoft Office 265 and more.

On the science side, Gale has plenty of amazing resources including over 150 interactive science sessions correlated to NGSS. This collection gives science classes access to 3D models of everything from the human heart to frogs and even the inner workings of volcanoes.



Gale is a powerful tool for students and teachers. Whether you’re a teacher looking for a new and innovative way to teach biology or a student looking to research information on World War II, Gale offers a host of libraries and databases from the likes of National Geographic, The Smithsonian and hundreds of other publishers giving students access to a world of content through Gale.


Gale has publisher relationships with the best e-book and e-textbook publishers in the world making just about any book available as an e-book or e-textbook available in schools.

Large Print

Gale offers one of the largest catalogs of large print books available in the world. While most folks equate large print books to the elderly or vision impaired, research has proven that large print books help millions of middle and high school students get engaged with reading. For some it’s a fairly simple concept, larger print words aren’t as intimidating.

Through their partnership with Thorndike Press, Gale  offers hundreds of popular titles for young adults and students available in large print format. Harry Potter, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, even titles by John Green and many more are available. Thorndike’s manufacturing process produces larger print titles in about the same size and weight as their original small print counterparts.

Gale is one of the most comprehensive learning material companies in the edtech landscape. This is just a fraction of what they offer to today’s K-12 students. Find out more at FETC 2018, January 23-26th in Orlando Florida, Booth #1417 and M9 and online at gale.com

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: Gale, Give Your School The Most Powerful Research Library In The World