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FETC 2018 Preview: When You Need It Gone, Get Globix

myschooldance-banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: When You Need It Gone, Get GlobixDon’t Take Chances, When You Need IT Gone, Get Globix

globix-fetc2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: When You Need It Gone, Get Globix

As school districts across the country turn to 1:1 programs and as they update their computer labs and in classroom equipment, there’s always the question of where should the old equipment go. Many schools resort to auctioning the old equipment off. In many cases they use their IT staff to wipe hard drives, and wipe machines clean. Some skip that part all together. That can be dangerous, as school computer equipment often contains very sensitive information.

You don’t want computer equipment, hard drives, back up disks, and thumb drives with student, parent or faculty data to end up in the wrong hands. Many people don’t realize that the amazing copy machine and printers across your school’s campus often times hold digital copies of all the documents printed, within the devices own hard drive. Information from grades, to student addresses, personal information and in some cases even credit card numbers could be compromised if not disposed of correctly.

Globix provides professional services that eliminate all of this risk. Their 42,000 square foot facility outside of Atlanta Georgia can handle:

  • IT Disposal
  • Data Destruction
  • Lease Audits
  • Mobile Shredding
  • Trade-ins
  • and more

Anything from paper to hard drives to entire computers can be completely shredded, leaving no trace of data that could possibly be compromised, through their state of the art shredding equipment. After they guarantee and certify that your equipment and data has been destroyed they take the remaining pieces that can be recycled and recycle them.

Globix has an easy six step process to get rid of one or 1000 pieces of IT equipment.

  • Receive an estimate of equipment needing to be picked up
  • Arrange for pickup of the equipment
  • Receive equipment in their Georgia facility
  • Audit all incoming equipment and separate to reuse/recycle areas
  • Wipe all drives to DoD specifications. When something isn’t certifiably wiped it’s immediately shredded and destroyed
  • Provide appropriate certification of destruction/recycling as well as a comprehensive audit of received equipment

Schools trust Globix to give them the piece of mind that their equipment has been properly disposed of or recycled and that there is no risk of any data falling into the wrong hands. When it’s time to upgrade your equipment you can trust Globix.

Find out more at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #807 and find them online at globixit.com 

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