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FETC 2018 Preview: Teachers Take Your Live’s Back With GradeCam

gradecam-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: Teachers Take Your Live's Back With GradeCamGradeCam Is The Best, and Easiest Way To Grade

The school day may be just six hours but most teacher’s work 10-12 hours a day. This gives them barely anytime for activities outside of work, and after spending the entire day with their students, they need time for their own kids and families.

GradeCam has designed the easiest way for teacher’s to grade student assessments, quizzes and activities.

With the GradeCam platform teachers create easy to use grading sheets. These sheets can be cut into quarter pages, used as stand alone grade sheets and even embedded into teacher worksheets. Then, after students turn their grade sheets in, teachers can instantly scan their grades into the system.

GradeCam allows teachers to use any connected camera device to quickly grade papers, including, document cameras, front facing computer cameras, smartphones and tablets. Teachers quickly run the grade sheets under the camera and the grades are added to the system. After that, in one click, teachers can instantly update their electronic grade books.

GradeCam also offers a dashboard that allows teachers to compare grades across students, previous grades, other classes, and more.

With GradeCam teachers can set up a grading station where students can see their own grades as they finish. After teachers set up the grading station using a document camera or the front facing computer camera, as students finish their assessment they bring up their own bubble sheet. They just show their sheet to the camera and it instantly gives them their own grade, and only their own grade.  This is a really effective tool to improve engagement and gives students immediate feedback. Just watch how excited these kids get below:

GradeCam is a family run business, created by Tami Porter who realized quickly as a teacher she had way too much paper work and not enough time for lesson planning and family. Together with her sons Rob and Rich and her husband Rick, GradeCam was born. They started in 2005 way before the edtech boom. Today over 5 million students work is graded with GradeCam.

Don’t settle for unreliable iPhone apps, trust the company that’s been in the grade scanning business for over a decade.

You can see GradeCam at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #444 and online at

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