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Reading, Listening, Memory, and Comprehension Start With HearBuilder

hearbuilder-fetc-top Reading, Listening, Memory, and Comprehension Start With HearBuilderFETC 2018 Preview: HearBuilder Strengthens Listening, Memory, Comprehension and Early Reading Skills In Elementary Students

The days of Hooked On Phonics are over. Educators know that learning phonics was only a primer to actual reading, and reading comprehension. It’s widely known that as children learn to read they are simultaneously learning other skills as well. Those skills; comprehension, listening, and memory are important to a child’s early development.

That’s where HearBuilder comes in. Super Duper Publications released HearBuilder as four stand alone, but equally important tools available online or as a set of CD-Roms. HearBuilder will help develop those important skills. It’s also a great intervention piece for students that aren’t developing as quickly as others.

The standards and common core aligned program makes learning fun. With HearBuilder, kids will learn:

  • Target skills for success in school
  • Rely on evidence- and research-based learning
  • Support state and Common Core State Standards
  • Have multi-level activities with specific objectives
  • Print comprehensive reports
  • Use at school and home on computers and tablets

This is all done through four interactive lessons; Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, Auditory Memory and Sequencing.

In, Following Directions, students learn 40 basic concepts and follow five types of directions as they build their own toy factories. With Phonological Awareness, kids learn how to listen for sounds, syllables, words and sentences while they earn instruments to form a rock band. Auditory Memory takes kids on an adventure with secret recall agents Kim and Joey. They’re going to save MemoryTown from the diabolical Dr. Forgetsit.  Sequencing helps students learn language and literacy skills. Students will put 120 illustrated scenes in the correct order as they earn tokens for arcade games within the app.

HearBuilder is available for schools and also for parents as a subscription online model or on CD-ROM. You can check out HearBuilder at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #653 and online at hearbuilder.com

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img_4366 Reading, Listening, Memory, and Comprehension Start With HearBuilder