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FETC 2018: K-12 IT Departments Face Unique Challenges, That’s Why There’s Incident IQ

FETC-Banner FETC 2018: K-12 IT Departments Face Unique Challenges, That's Why There's Incident IQWe Talk With RT Collins, VP and General Manager at Lexicon Technology, About Incident IQ and How It Was Designed From The Ground Up For K-12 Education.

Many people in the IT field don’t realize how complex and challenging the IT world of K-12 education really is. Sure there’s apple juice spilled into Chromebooks and tablet screens shattered for not other reason besides “I don’t know”, but there are also several systems K-12 schools can’t live without that are truly unique to K-12.

For instance K-12 schools all have some kind of SIS (Student Information System) or LMS (Learning Management System). K-12 schools also have stakeholders that go beyond the physical walls of the school. I’d take an angry board of directors over a bunch of angry 3rd grade parents, any day.

K-12 schools are also burdened with the mantra “do more with less”. You’ll find IT teams of five handling 8 buildings, 10,000 students and 12,000 devices that’s not some unique district, it’s almost the status quo. School districts also come in all shapes and sizes. A rural area in Nebraska may have a district with three schools and 800 students total while a district like LA Unified serves 640,000 students across 1087 buildings.

Lexicon Technology has developed Incident IQ as a platform that’s more than just a “help desk” for K-12 schools, unique to the special needs of K-12 schools.

K-12 IT departments have to support every single school owned device whether they’re a 1:1 district or not. IT departments stretch way beyond the learning device as well. Projectors, smart boards, desktops and laptops used by faculty and several different software programs are managed by K-12 IT. They also have to answer to teachers, administrators, superintendents, students and in some cases parents. Without a solid support platform tickets get lost and work goes undone.

Check out this video interview with Lexicon Technology’s RT Collins above. For more information visit IncidentIQ.com

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