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FETC 2018 Preview: 1:1 Deployments In Record Time With Incident IQ and Lexicon

incidentIQ-FETC-top FETC 2018 Preview: 1:1 Deployments In Record Time With Incident IQ and LexiconLexicon’s Incident IQ Is Helping Districts Do 1:1 Deployment In Record Time

We firmly believe that over the next three school years we will see a record number of school districts across the country make 1:1 device deployments. Devices are becoming more affordable. Chromebook seems to be the device of choice for 1:1 deployments, slashing the cost barrier to entry.

After choosing your district or school’s preferred technology, and navigating the cost economics across your school or district there’s one thing remaining. A tech partner.

Incident IQ, from Lexicon, offers best in class help desk support for school’s and districts with multiple device deployments. They also help school’s and districts streamline accurate device deployment whether they’re deploying 50 devices, 100s of devices or 1000s of devices. It doesn’t matter if you’re outfitting a class, a grade level, a school or the entire district.

Incident IQ recently managed the 1:1 device deployment for the Henry County Schools in Georgia. It was no short order. The entire deployment was 36,000 devices. They completed the entire deployment in under two months. They achieved an average deployment rate of 1,000 student devices per hour.

“This was the smoothest hardware roll-out that I’ve ever been a part of,” said Chris Davis, Director of Technology Operations at Henry County Schools. “We could not have accomplished this as quickly and as accurately using any other system.”

It often takes multiple days to deploy devices to a large school. However, with the productivity gains realized by Incident IQ, individual schools — elementary, middle, even large high schools — assigned and deployed devices to students within a single morning.

“Incident IQ was the essential component in ensuring success for a rollout and implementation this aggressive. The primary goal of our Empower HCS initiative is to enable the learning experiences we value for our students, so providing these devices in the timeframe our district partners requested was a high priority,” said Dr. Brian Blanton, Assistant Superintendent for Technology at Henry County Schools. “By having such an organized technical support infrastructure in place for our schools, our student learning devices were distributed efficiently and our students and teachers were able to more quickly put these to use.”

The differentiating factor is Incident IQ’s asset management tools. Distributing and assigning devices to students is as simple as a scan and a click, and the device is ready for student use. The Incident IQ platform ties asset data to student user profiles synced with the district’s student information system. This ensures that devices are accurately matched to the assigned student from the moment devices are distributed.

“We created Incident IQ to help school districts manage and improve support for all technology — hardware, software, network elements and information systems — critical to teaching and learning,” said Chief Software Architect Jason Martin.  “Streamlining a large device deployment is an important step toward comprehensive technology support for the classroom.”

One of the best things about using Incident IQ for deployment management is that the district will be able to rely on Incident IQ for the same rapid response on help desk issues.

Whether your school district needs better help desk management or your planning on a 1:1 device deployment of any size, Incident IQ by Lexicon can help. Find out more at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #511 and at IncidentIQ.com

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img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: 1:1 Deployments In Record Time With Incident IQ and Lexicon