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FETC 2018 Preview: Jupiter IO Is The Complete System For K-12 Schools

studyo-fetc-banner-720 FETC 2018 Preview: Jupiter IO Is The Complete System For K-12 SchoolsJupiter IO Is A Gradebook, LMS, SIS and Analytics Tool, All In One System For K-12 Schools.

jupitered-fetc2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: Jupiter IO Is The Complete System For K-12 Schools

There are a lot of good learning management systems out there today. There are also a lot of good student information systems as well. There are even some good online grade books and even analytics tools. In many cases though, having different systems for each school function can be time consuming and frustrating.

Some of the biggest pain points for using multiple systems are integration, compatibility, credentialing and customer support. It can be a headache for teachers, administrators and IT staff to have to remember the customer support hours, phone numbers and procedures for multiple different product vendors.

In the classroom teachers sometimes struggle with creating an assignment or an assessment in one system and then using another system to grade it and yet another system to analyze student performance. Jupited Ed, an edtech company founded by teachers, knows these pain points well. That’s why David Hundsness, a former middle and high school teacher from Silicon Valley, created Jupiter IO.

Hudsness started Jupiter Ed as a digital grade book tool called SnapGrades, but as the years progressed, colleagues that were using SnapGrades wanted to see if they could do more. Hudsness and the team at Jupiter Ed quickly realized that the key to the having the best products for education was to house them all together and Jupiter IO was born.

Jupiter IO is a grade book, learning management system, student information system and analytics tool all in one. By creating all of the components in one platform you’re assured that they are compatible and when you have a problem there’s just one company to reach out to.

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: Jupiter IO Is The Complete System For K-12 SchoolsJupiter IO is able to take the pain points out of tasks that should be easy to start with, like creating an assignment. In Jupiter IO a teacher can create and grade a new assignment in one step on one screen. Using other software platforms this can take up to six steps. Grading using Jupiter IO is much easier as well. Teachers are able to see the key and the assignment answers on the same screen. The assignments can be anonymized to grade more objectively. Grades are automatically saved and updated in the SIS part of the system.

They know that the student is at the core of the learning process. That’s why, with Jupiter IO, students can see their grades and homework for all of their classes on one screen. The system also lets them know if they have assignments missing. This leaves no question in students or parents minds as the school year goes on.

Jupiter’s LMS makes it easy for teachers to import standards based assessments and district benchmark tests. It’s also a breeze for teachers to create lessons and exercises that can include images, audio and video. Students can be given immediate feedback as they are completing an assignment and the system repeats questions until they get it right and have mastered the material.

Unlike other systems, writing assignments are just as easy in Jupiter IO. Teachers can highlight text and leave comments, and ask students questions right on the assignment. Students can respond to the comments and questions and even ask for peer review. Jupiter IO takes it one step farther and allows parents to comment and ask questions to the student or the teacher right on the assignment.

Speaking of parents, Jupiter IO knows that communicating with parents is key in a successful learning environment. Jupiter IO can automatically message parents when their student is absent, when they have assignments due or if their grades fall. Teachers can also use Jupiter IO’s communication tools for two way communication with parents.

Even with all of this packed into Jupiter IO it also features a discipline system where in just a few clicks a teacher can log behavior or merit points and even refer students to the office right from their tablet or computer.

The final piece is the analytics. Because all of the information is in the same system, data is updated in real time. Teachers and administrators can access analytics with unheard of speed and accuracy. They can see how their students are performing against one another, other classes, other schools, local, state and regional standards.

With over 4 million students using Jupiter IO nationwide, they’re getting a ton of positive feedback. Teachers, administrators, principals and superintendents alike love how easy it easy to use one system for all of their needs. Some schools even use Jupiter IO with their existing SIS, which still provides them with more control, accuracy and ease of use.

Find out for yourself what a difference one system can make at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #1616 and online at jupitered.com 

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