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Meet Kibo The Artist From KinderLab Robotics At FETC 2018

kinderlabrobotics-FETC-top Meet Kibo The Artist From KinderLab Robotics At FETC 2018KinderLab Robotics New Marker Extension Set Turns Kibo Into An Artist, and It’s Free For The Holidays.

Our 10 year old edtech reporter and her friends have been checking out Kibo, the amazing, robotic kit rom KinderLab Robotics, for a few weeks now. Kibo is designed for teachers with young students to create real, interactive, robots that they can control, without the need for any screen time.

Kibo is created and controlled using programming blocks. It can be easily customized with various modules and kits. Students can control what Kibo does by setting parameters. We’re going to have a full review video up soon.

In the meantime, KinderLab Robotics has an amazing holiday offer, featuring their newest Kibo accessory the Marker Extension Kit which enables the KIBO robot to draw as it moves. Children using KIBO can use code to create art or geometric shapes, and to document the adventurous travels of their KIBO robot.

Using the Marker Extension Set, kids can turn their KIBO robot into a programmable artist. The child designs “code” for what they want their KIBO to draw by pegging together a sequence of illustrated wooden programming blocks, and then scanning them with the scanner built into the robot’s body. With the markers attached, the Marker Extension Set enables KIBO to draw as it moves according to the child’s code.

Mitch Rosenberg, the CEO of KinderLab Robotics, Inc. said, “We continue to make products which enable playful STEAM learning that is age-appropriate for young children. Our new Marker Extension Set is a perfect complement to our KIBO robot because it provides fun, creative ways to get kids, parents, and educators excited about learning with robotics. We know kids will love watching their KIBO create drawings.

The Marker Extension Set attaches to the KIBO body, providing fixed and pivoting attachment points, or “arms” that hold the included washable markers (or your own markers). Attach an arm using the fixed attachment and the marker it holds will draw precisely; attach an arm using a pivoting attachment and the marker it holds will swing freely as it draws. Multiple arm attachment points give children lots of options to explore different drawing styles and line qualities. The opportunities for young children to explore sequences, motion, and art designs are endless.

The Marker Extension Set includes the Marker body, three arms for holding markers, and three washable markers; it is priced at $35 and available at the KinderLab Robotics web store. Additional markers and arms are also available.

KinderLab wants to give as many kids as possible the chance to try the Marker Extension Set this holiday season. Starting today, customers purchasing any KIBO kit will receive a free Market Extension Set! (There is a limit of one per customer, and the offer expires 12/31/17). Kids that get the Maker Extension Set before the holidays can use it to make their own wrapping paper or holiday poster!

Order Kibo now to get the free Marker Extension kit. You can check out Kibo and all of the accessories in Sunny Florida at FETC 2018, January 23-28th, booth #2312 and online at kinderlabrobotics.com 

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img_4366 Meet Kibo The Artist From KinderLab Robotics At FETC 2018

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