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FETC 2018 Preview: Engage, Activate and Collaborate With Lightspeed

lightspeed-FETC-top FETC 2018 Preview: Engage, Activate and Collaborate With Lightspeed

(photo: Lightspeed)

Lightspeed Is Driving Engagement, Activation and Collaboration in Classrooms Everywhere.

Are you familiar with Lightspeed? Do you know what Lightspeed does? They’ve created solutions that drive engagement, activation and collaboration in classrooms everywhere, for nearly three decades. The truly amazing thing about Lightspeed is that their entire company is based on one pretty simple idea. If the entire classroom can see and hear everything going on, all three of those things improve.

When the company started, way back in 1990, they were focused on audio. By providing audio solutions for classrooms where Johnny in the back of the room could hear, just as well as Cindy in the front of the room, it started making a huge impact.

Teachers are passionate about teaching. They are also passionate about student success. But they aren’t necessarily public speakers, lecturers or facilitators. As Lightspeed puts it, they’re “activators”. They want to make sure that every student can see, hear and participate in learning. That’s what Lightspeed helps to facilitate.

Over the years they’ve been able to create even better solutions that tackle the issues of video, and allowing students to be heard just as well as the teachers.

Recently, Lightspeed has taken their entire mantra and rolled it into a new amazing system called “Activate”. The Activate System is powering classroom interactions in ways people didn’t think were possible. With the Activate System, teachers can monitor group conversations without changing the group dynamic. The system also helps teachers assess where to best invest their time. By monitoring small group discussions from one side of the room, they can see if students are grasping or struggling with the lesson.

The Lightspeed Activate System also allows students to participate in class discussions from their small group or from their seats. The whole class can participate through a pod that acts like a microphone.

With Activate teachers can address the whole class through a low volume, highly intelligible audio system that doesn’t sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Each and every student can hear the teacher loud and clear, without it being overbearing or scary.

Lightspeed has even introduced a video component via mobile app that allows teachers to capture video and audio evidence of learning and teacher coaching. Teachers can record and share lessons for peer feedback and even parental feedback.

Sure there are a lot of audio video companies out there but Lightspeed is solely committed to the needs of educators and it pays off.

“…Because the system dispersed my voice evenly throughout the room, my kids could now hear me more clearly, which helped our students who were deaf and hard of hearing, but also made a significant difference to all kids in my classroom. They didn’t have to work as hard to pay attention, and could feel as if I was right beside them, talking to each student individually.” Jamie Reese a K-3 teacher in Simi Valley California said in her guest post on Lightspeed’s blog.

While there are plenty of new fangled apps, STEM/STEAM toys and robotics in the classroom, engagement starts with listening and listening is best with Lightspeed.

You can visit with Lightspeed at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1117 and visit them online here at lightspeed-tek.com 

img_4366 FETC 2018 Preview: Engage, Activate and Collaborate With Lightspeed