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FETC 2018: Mathseeds Is The Fun Way To Develop Math Skills In Early Learners

mathseeds-fetc-top FETC 2018: Mathseeds Is The Fun Way To Develop Math Skills In Early LearnersMathseeds Is A Fun Platform Loaded With Teacher Resources For K-2 Classrooms

Just like reading, developing math skills as early as possible is a key driver to student success. There are a lot of math games, applications and platforms that are designed for elementary school children, but is the app designed for 5th graders appropriate for kindergartners? If you said “no” then you’re right.

That’s why Mathseeds is specifically designed for young learners in grades K-2. That’s where kids are first being exposed to numbers, counting, values, addition and subtraction.

Mathseeds takes kids through fun, interactive, adventures where they’re playing just as much as they’re learning.  That’s because Mathseeds knows that young learners need to be engaged and entertained to stay on task. They’re also familiar with the false positive that can sometimes come from game and app based learning programs. That’s why they make sure students understand the key math concepts with a variety of activities. Through Mathseeds these concepts are learned in depth which improves long term retention.

A version of Mathseeds is available to the general public so if parents want to start their kids off on the program they can do that on their own. Mathseeds for Schools offers the same great content found in the home version, with a host of other features just for teachers.

With Mathseeds Schools, students take a quick placement test to ensure that they are playing at the appropriate level. Teachers have a dashboard that can give them a quick overview of the entire class or they can deep dive into how each individual student is doing. This way teachers can react quickly for slower and struggling learners. They can also make sure that learners progressing too fast are bumped up a level.

Students can use Mathseeds at home too, to reinforce those developing skills. They’ve also made the platform easy to use on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Mathseeds goes even further for schools offering lesson plans, standards aligned curriculum and even work sheets that they can print out for students to practice their math skills in an analog way, or the old fashioned way like many of us learned.  Also if your school doesn’t have a 1:1 program or a number of devices in class, Mathseeds works as an in class reward activity.

The team behind Mathseeds has been producing high quality math resources for teachers for more than 25 years. They’re focused on learning outcomes and not just technology.

You can meet the Mathseeds team at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1153 and find them online at mathseeds.com 

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