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Omnicharge; Power Your Class Anywhere You Want To Be

omnicharge-front-top Omnicharge; Power Your Class Anywhere You Want To BeFETC 2018 Preview: Omnicharge Powers Student Success

The modern day classroom looks a lot different than it did even ten years ago. There are devices everywhere, electronics everywhere and they require power. There are many schools and school districts looking to move into the world of 1:1 devices, which has so many benefits. But there are still thousands of school buildings not optimized for such an endeavor. Imagine getting approval to go 1:1 just to find the classrooms can’t support the power demand.

That’s just one of the many ways Omnicharge is powering student success. Omnicharge has created a new kind of powerbank ideal for charging any device and keeping it going throughout the day. You see most power banks are often thought of as “emergency backup supplies” with Omnicharge, it can be the primary power source for an entire day. A six or eight hour school day is no match for Omnicharge’s ability.

Omnicharge can easily turn one outlet into nine remote power sources. With their proprietary regulating technology you don’t have to worry about a fire or electrical hazard in charging up your classroom devices.

Omnicharge opens up doors

With the Omnicharge you’re not restricted by the amount of power outlets in your immediate vicinity. If you want to take your students outside for the entire day, you can absolutely do that. The Omnicharge is no bigger than a hardback book. If you’re taking your class outside to the picnic area students can grab their tablets and their Omnicharge and head right outside. Chromebooks, no problem, the Omnicharge has a standard 110 outlet on it’s side that can easily support a Chromebook throughout the day.

omnicharge-3prong-outlet Omnicharge; Power Your Class Anywhere You Want To BeThe Omnicharge ships with every connector possible so whether you need to power a Chromebook, an old HP laptop and even the sometimes hard to find Macbook charger, it’s easy with Omnicharge.

Are you taking your eighth graders or seniors on a far away field trip? Many buses are already fitted with wifi, but what about power? Omnicharge has you covered. Have your students bring their Omnicharge along for the trip and they won’t lose power.

Omnicharge is the first power solution that gives teachers and students complete freedom. See for yourself at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1447 and online at omnicharge.co 

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