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FETC Preview: OverDrive Can Be Your School’s Complete Digital Library Solution

bulb-fetc-tcea-banner-1 FETC Preview: OverDrive Can Be Your School's Complete Digital Library SolutionSome Of The Biggest Districts In The Country Trust OverDrive For All Of Their Digital Text Needs. Find Out More At FETC and TCEA

overdrive-fetc-tcea-top FETC Preview: OverDrive Can Be Your School's Complete Digital Library Solution

Are the schools in your district piecing digital libraries together from multiple sources? Are students using one app to get digital content in Science class and another in Social Studies? The transition from physical text books to digital has been a long and grueling process for many schools and districts, but it doesn’t have to be.

OverDrive Education knows one thing and that’s digital text books. From Pre-K to college, they have the one of the largest libraries of digital textbooks and content from the biggest publishers in education, and even those niche publishers that allow teachers and students to deep dive into learning.

The OverDrive Education library starts with K-5 Quickstart although their are schools that are starting even Pre-k students using OverDrive. Kindergartners can learn to read with read along ebooks, all standards aligned, fun and engaging. Their K-5 Quickstart program is a pre-set collection of 200 premium e-books so schools and districts can jump right in. Although with their robust library it’s easy for a teacher, administrator or district administrator to add more titles to hit their curriculum goals.

Outside of their K-5 Quickstart program OverDrive offers collections featuring all the familiar classics and favorites along with all of the popular textbooks used across the country. They even have ELA collections, career focused texts and test prep materials. OverDrive wants to make sure you only need one source for digital textsbooks and learning materials, because they only do one thing, digital.

OverDrive Education also offers a variety of ways for students to consumer their digital content. Their one tap reading app called Libby puts a digital library in the palm of your students hands. Digital library cards give students access to curated digital libraries just like the old fashioned media center. Students can quickly check out and download books approved for their reading. OverDrive Read is their browser based web application that allows students to open up their OverDrive content on any screen. If you want to provide audiobooks for you students to listen to, OverDrive has an app for that as well.

Over 17,000 districts, schools, colleges and universities trust OverDrive Education for all of their digital and audio book needs. Find out why you should at FETC in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #342 and at TCEA in Austin, February 5-9th, booth #823 and online at company.overdrive.com 

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