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FETC 2018: Boost Your Kids’ Engagement, And Activity, With QBall

classmax-fetc-banner FETC 2018: Boost Your Kids' Engagement, And Activity, With QBallAs Seen On Shark Tank: Qball Gets Students Engaged and Participating

It’s a ball, its a microphone, it’s QBall, the brain child of Utah based entrepreneur Shane Cox.

Before his debut on the ABC hit Shark Tank, and the acceptance of a $300,000 deal with Lori Greiner, Mark Cuban and Rohan Oza, he appeared on nibletz.com. At the National Principal’s Conference over the summer Cox was grilled by our then 9 year old edtech reporter Tatum F. Her questions were great practice for Cox as he prepared to jump into the Shark Tank with his amazing ball.

Getting kids to participate in classroom discussions and assemblies is a tricky feat that even the best of educators still haven’t mastered. In most classroom and assembly settings the same 5-10 kids actively participate, raising their hands and answering questions. The rest of the kids sit back, either too shy to speak or not really engaged. After working with students, teachers and classrooms for years Cox realized there was an opportunity here, especially because most kids participate in dodge ball and other physical activities.


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That’s when Cox went to work on the original Qball. The first in the US to produce a ball with a wireless microphone inside of it. When the ball lands in the hands of an eager student, they can ask or answer a question and actively participate. When their turn is over they simply throw the ball to the next student or back to the teacher. It’s that simple.

What wasn’t simple was creating the ball and microphone combination and ensuring that the electronics in the microphone would be stable. It also wasn’t a small feat to make sure that the microphone stayed in range and there wasn’t feedback regardless of how close or how far away the ball was from the receiver. Qball was able to achieve both and create an experience that’s fun, engaging and not the least bit annoying.

Technologically speaking Qball even mutes itself while it’s airborne. The microphone also sounds just as clear as a traditional hand held wireless mic.

School’s that are using Qball are seeing increased engagement across the board. They’re even seeing increase engagement in teacher only assemblies and meetings where administrators are opting to use the Qball to get their teachers more active. It’s also perfect for business as well.

You can meet the Shark Tank sensation and try Qball out for yourself at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #1552 and see it online at buyqball.com 

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