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FETC 2018 Preview: Pikmykid Is The Comprehensive, Easy To Use School Safety Platform (SSP)

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc FETC 2018 Preview: Pikmykid Is The Comprehensive, Easy To Use School Safety Platform (SSP)Pikmykid Is The Complete Comprehensive Easy To Use School Safety Platform

pikmykid-fetc2018-top FETC 2018 Preview: Pikmykid Is The Comprehensive, Easy To Use School Safety Platform (SSP)

There are a lot of great technology solutions available to our K-12 schools today. There are learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas, Blackboard and D2L. There are student information systems like Otus and Powerschool. There are e-textbook companies like Cengage and Vital Source and even games based learning systems like Legends of Learning. All of these systems are amazing at what they do, but would you want any of them to be responsible for the safety of your students?

Pikmykid is a complete, comprehensive, easy to use School Safety Platform (SSP). They do one thing, school safety, and they do it beyond well. Pikmykid is in the business of protecting our school’s most valuable assets, our students.

Pikmykid started with an automated dismissal platform that provides schools with a much faster, easier to track dismissal. But more important than that, with Pikmykid, administrators and teachers know where each and every student is and where they are going after school.

Their dismissal platform starts with an app. Parents download the app and once they are on the system, as they arrive at school for afternoon dismissal the school is notified. Their child is now put into a queue and dismissed right to the correct car. If dad is picking up the kids instead of mom, or a grandparent or even a babysitter, parents just go into the app and let the school know who is picking their student up. If the student is going to ride the bus instead of getting picked up, parents can use the app for that. Even if their student is staying after school for sports, a club or detention, it’s a simple update in the app.

A notification system lets parents know the minute their child is released for pickup. In the unlikely event that your child went home or left campus with the wrong person, parents would be able to deal with that instantly.

School’s that have used the Pikmykid dismissal platform have seen dismissal times reduced by up to 50% from previous days where they needed walkie talkies, bullhorns and every staff member under the sun to get the kids out safely and to the right person. Pikmykid was developed by teachers that know firsthand how taxing dismissal can be. Freeing up more teachers and taking less time with dismissal, while at the same time ensuring student safety, allows teachers to have more time for conferences, planning and professional development.

When school’s started asking Pikmykid for other solutions regarding student safety it was a no-brainer. Pikmykid developed a messaging system that teachers and administrators can use to reach parents for routine business and emergencies. They even created a panic button app that allows anyone on campus to quickly notify the front office and first responders that there is an emergency unfolding.

See the difference a dedicated School Safety Platform can make at your school, or district, at FETC 2018 in Orlando, January 23-26th, booth #1546 and online at pikmykid.com 

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nibletz-fetc-sponsor-banner FETC 2018 Preview: Pikmykid Is The Comprehensive, Easy To Use School Safety Platform (SSP)