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These 12 EdTech Startups To Show Off New Technology In FETC Pitchfest

myschooldance-banner-fetc These 12 EdTech Startups To Show Off New Technology In FETC Pitchfest12 EdTech Startups To Compete In FETC Pitchfest Presented By FETC and Arc Capital Development

fetc-pitchfest-top These 12 EdTech Startups To Show Off New Technology In FETC Pitchfest

Thousands of educators, administrators, district level administrators, IT professionals, investors and analysts are headed to Orlando Florida this week for the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), to see the latest in education technology and learn from over 600 amazing sessions. For those that want to see the newest, trailblazing education technology, should make it a point to witness Pitchfest at FETC.

Pitchfest has twelve innovative, education technology companies competing in a pitch contest. Each of the twelve companies selected will have a chance to pitch to the judges and the audience. The first round of Pitchfest will take place on Wednesday January 24th from 4:50-6:00pm in the FETC exhibit hall, booth #909. In this preliminary round, each company has three minutes to pitch.

The finals take place on Thursday January 25th from 4:00-4:40pm. In the finals, each remaining company will have five minutes to pitch and three minutes to answer judges questions. All of these startups will also be able to talk with attendees at the Startup Pavilion booth in the FETC exhibit hall, booth #1159 throughout the conference.

Here are the 12 edtech startup selected to pitch:

  • 3DBear ― This Finland-based company provides a full classroom solution for teaching with the help of 3D printing, augmented reality, and virtual reality.
  • 5 More Minutes Ltd ― This company, also based in Finland, will present their TeacherGaming solution, which elevates learning by combining quality games, ready-made lesson plans, and learning analytics into one package to make game-based learning accessible to all.
  • Agents of Discovery  This Canadian company will present their educational platform and mobile game that uses the latest innovations in augmented reality and interactive learning to facilitate play, thinking, and problem solving.
  • CAPIT Learning ― This Los Angeles-based group will present CAPIT Reading, a teacher-led, language-agnostic, foundational reading curriculum for K-2 students and older struggling readers.
  • CatchOn – This company, based in Hong Kong, has created an easy-to-read dashboard that streamlines data and presents powerful information to show the most-used apps or favorite apps, quickly.
  • E4Effort  This Minnesota-based startup will present their system that is used to increase student effort and motivation by measuring and reporting effort in four categories: Ready, Participation, On Task, and Behavior.
  • FuzePlay  This company, based in Utah, develops tech toys that close skills gaps by inspiring play around futuristic technologies.
  • Learnmetrics ― The Chicago-based company has developed a fully customizable dashboard designed to help organizations turn learning data into a ‘GPS’ for their goals, operations and outcomes.
  • Orange Neurosciences ― This AI-based tech company from Canada has developed an SaaS based cognitive platform, ReadON, a remediation designed to reduce or eliminate the need for supplemental accommodation in school and provide better outcomes for students with learning differences and Dyslexia.
  • TippyTalk  This Ireland-based company’s technology allows a person with a verbal disability to communicate by translating pictures into text messages, which are then sent to a family member or caregiver’s phone.
  • Weird Enough Productions ― This Georgia-based company combines education on media literacy with original content to provide a full service solution to media misrepresentation.
  • Wibbu  This company, based in the United Kingdom, creates digital resources for schools, including the new language learning video game, Ruby Rei, which uses the latest techniques in game-based learning to improve engagement levels, test scores and English language learner integration.

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