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FETC 2018 Preview: SquarePanda Is Early Elementary’s Best Friend In Phonics

squarepanda-fetc-top FETC 2018 Preview: SquarePanda Is Early Elementary's Best Friend In PhonicsSquarePanda Is A Favorite In Teaching Kids 2-8, Phonics and Reading.

For decades we watched the commercials of kids saying “Hooked on Phonics worked for me”. That’s true. For nearly three decades Hooked on Phonics was one of the best platforms for teaching kids phonics, the relationship between sounds and spelling.

Thirty years later educators have learned a lot more about the relationships between phonics, learning and learning to read. Also, technology has changed in ways that have made Hooked On Phonics two dimensional approach, stale, and outdated.

Now there’s a tool that’s even more effective and that is, Square Panda.

Square Panda is a multi-sensory phonics learning system that operates on any Android or iPad tablet. Kids are used to the tablet screen. SquarePanda makes their table come to life and teaches phonics and reading in a fun way making the most of three senses, sight, sound and touch.

There are four elements to a great phonics learning program:

  • Content should be suitable for children as young as 2. Research shows that if parents start exposing their children to phonics skills at age 2 they will become proficient readers, faster.
  • Fun, fun and engaging go hand in hand. If a learning system is fun, kids will naturally use it more.
  • Must teach phonics, the relationship between sounds and spelling.
  • Multi-sensory, The platform should utilize multiple senses. In the case of SquarePanda it’s sight, sound and touch. Multi-Sensory platforms also increase engagement and engagement time.

SquarePanda has all of these things.

With the SquarePanda program you’ll get a special tablet stand that syncs via Bluetooth to an iPad or Android tablet. SquarePanda comes with interactive letters that are placed onto the tablet stand during games giving the learner a tactile experience with what’s on the screen. For instance if the exercise calls for spelling and sounding out Stop, children will find the four letters in stop and place them on the SquarePanda device. When it’s correct the system lets them know it, instantly.

One of the best parts for parents is the Parent Playground. This parental dashboard not only lets parents track their child’s progress but it also allows them to customize the SquarePanda game using pictures and names of family members and friends. It makes the learner feel like they have their own special games.

As you can imagine, SquarePanda is also great in the classroom. The award winning SquarePanda classroom edition comes with everything teachers need to have all of their students participate. It also features downloadable lesson plans, game curriculum guides, free PD webinars and more.

Teachers get access to a Panda Portal just for teachers which features the ability to customize content for each student. It also gives teachers a dashboard that takes an in-depth look at each student’s progress.

SquarePanda is the recipient of various educational, parent and technology awards. Find out why at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1147 and online at squarepanda.com 

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