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Check Out Reflector Teacher and Other Classroom Tools To Go Nuts For At FETC 2018

TeacherGaming-Banner-fetc Check Out Reflector Teacher and Other Classroom Tools To Go Nuts For At FETC 2018Squirrels Debuts Reflector For Teachers Just In Time For FETC 2018

reflectorteacher-fetc2018-top Check Out Reflector Teacher and Other Classroom Tools To Go Nuts For At FETC 2018

If you’re a teacher using technology in the classroom you’re probably using or familiar with at least one of the technology solutions from Squirrels. The company is known for creating easy to use solutions that solve everyday classroom problems.

  • Air Parrot 2, an easy way to mirror or stream Macs, PCs and Chromebooks
  • Reflector 3, a wireless mirroring receiver for phones, tablets and computers
  • Classhub, student device management and monitoring for teachers
  • Ditto, a way to wirelessly share computer screens without installing software

Teachers want to create a more fluid experience when it comes to sharing content. They also want to allow students to participate with content on their own screens just as easily.  We all know that screen sharing is far more than a utility in the classroom today. Screen sharing brings classrooms to life by allowing teachers and students to use their devices to participate in lively classroom discussions, collaborate on projects and celebrate their work.

Screen sharing in today’s  classrooms can actually improve engagement, by a lot. Add to that new technology in the latest round of Android and Apple products, like mark-up, and all of the sudden Squirrels and screen sharing take on a whole new value to today’s teachers.

To aid in that, Squirrels is debuting their latest solution for teachers with Reflector Teacher. Despite not being originally developed for classrooms, the mama and papa squirrels quickly realized that teachers loved it. We all know that squirrels have amazing hearing, and with that in mind the team at squirrels listened closely to feedback at conferences, through their website and from their customers on ways to improve Reflector when used in an education setting.

After taking it all in, the team decided not to just tweak the original product and throw a new label on it, but rather to rebuild Reflector from the ground up in a brand new version called Reflector Teacher.

“While Reflector is widely used in schools across the world, it wasn’t initially created with classrooms in mind,” Squirrels cofounder Andrew Gould said. “It only made sense to make a version of Reflector that’s optimized for the classroom.”

Many of the improvements baked into the new Reflector Teacher, are designed to help the teacher move fluidly through lessons and discussions with ease.  Reflector Teacher includes key stability and performance improvements that increase instruction time and decrease distractions by allowing students to connect faster and more reliably.

Other classroom-focused features include the ability to quickly capture a screenshot of connected student devices, preconfigured preferences ideal for classrooms and compatibility with other Squirrels education-oriented apps: Reflector Student and Reflector Director.

Here’s what’s new in Reflector Teacher:

Reflector Teacher on Windows includes Miracast receiving support. Students and teachers using Microsoft Surface tablets and other computers can now easily share their screens.


Teachers can instantly take a full-resolution snapshot of any connected student device.

Screen Peek

Teachers can see a small preview of student device screens before showing them to the entire class.

Windows Specific Upgrades

On Windows, Reflector Teacher is located near the Start button instead of the system tray by the clock where Reflector 2 was located. Connected devices are now visible in a window that makes it easier for teachers to access.

Under-the-hood Improvements

Reflector Teacher was completely rewritten for stability, performance and speed. Connections are more stable, and connecting is faster and more reliable than ever before.

Companion Apps

Reflector Teacher is compatible with Reflector Director and Reflector Student. Reflector Director is designed to let teachers step away from their computer and continue to interact with mirrored student devices. Reflector Student helps students using iOS devices connect to Reflector Teacher and see peer devices.

Interface and Experience Updates

Reflector Teacher was redesigned for modern operating systems and classrooms. It includes interface updates that make mirroring and managing connected devices easier.

Reflector Teacher is being offered with introductory pricing. Normally priced at $14.99, for a limited time it’s 20% off at reflectorteacher.com

See all the ways that Squirrels is helping teachers bring their classrooms to life at FETC 2018 in Orlando Florida, January 23-26th, booth #1545 and online at airsquirrels.com

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