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EdTech: Here’s Why Studyo Is A Tool That All Students Need

bakusa-nibletz-720x90-TECA EdTech: Here's Why Studyo Is A Tool That All Students NeedStudyo Is A Planner and Organizational Tool That Keeps Students Focused, and Learning

Students have busy lives. Outside of their academic day they have extra-curricular activities, sports, friends, and family commitments that keep them going non-stop. Today’s students are part of a generation where everything they’ve ever done is managed digitally. So it would make sense that they need some kind of academic planning tool.

All of the latest learning management systems and even student information systems, incorporate some kind of calendar. Google Classroom and G-Suite for education features a calendar that’s widely recognized and fairly easy to use. But for many reasons it’s not effective for education, and specifically for students.

For starters, a traditional calendar manages activities by daily, or hourly calendar items. Education isn’t built around calendar items but rather tasks.

When Renaud Boisjoly, the founder of Studyo explained this in the video above,  it made crystal clear sense. Think about a report or a project. Say you have to write a paper on Abraham Lincoln and that paper is due on February 12th. In a traditional calendar that would get one notation, “Abraham Lincoln paper due February 12th”, on February 12th. While this is completely logical, it also means that you won’t see that particular item come up until February 12th or if you have a week view, then the week of February 12th. Chances are, when that particular item comes up on the calendar you’ll be starting that paper at the last minute, even though you may have entered it a month earlier.

Studyo is a student planning and organization tool that manages that, and other similar academic tasks as tasks. On Studyo, the entry for this particular paper would have started when it was assigned. Then as the days inch closer students can make notations as to how much they’ve completed. They can also set due dates within the task, for example, by February 1 rough draft due.

The other key element in Studyo is that it’s managed by the student. They put entries into their Studyo the way they want to, the way that works for them.

If you’re a teacher who was brought up during the days of the pretty spiral bound student planners, and still have yours, take a look at it. Now if you’re lucky and have a friend or relative that still has their old spiral planners look at theirs. Chances are things are logged in totally different ways. Studyo puts the control back into the hands of the student.

At the same time, teachers can add items, re-adjust scheduling and even compensate for snow days and other school cancellations and delays automatically adjusting task due dates accordingly.

Studyo is also designed to fit into your school’s academic scheduling regardless of whether you have a traditional 5 day a week schedule or even 9 modular days in a row. Studyo stays up to date and can tell your students if it’s an A day or an E day. These things may seem trivial at first but they make a whole world of difference when it comes to students.

Check out our video interview above and for more information visit studyo.co

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