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Teachers Can’t Keep Up With Technology, But That’s Fixable

myschooldance-banner-fetc Teachers Can’t Keep Up With Technology, But That’s FixableSam Labs’ Study Reveals That 78% Of Teachers Don’t Feel Adequately Trained In Technology.

teacher-training-tech-top Teachers Can’t Keep Up With Technology, But That’s Fixable

Technology is rapidly innovating the classrooms of today. Heck, if it wasn’t we wouldn’t have anything to write about. This is a good thing for students, and teachers, except right now teachers are behind the learning curve when it comes to technology in the classroom.

A new study from Sam Labs, released last month, revealed that 78% of teachers feel they need more training in technology used in classrooms.


“78 percent — of teachers say they haven’t received the training they need to effectively use the technology they’re asked to in the classroom…” the study says.

This may be alarming to some. This huge divide between teacher and technology can be attributed to a few factors we know all too well.

  • Limited time for professional development.
  • A rush to rapidly deploy new technology
  • Lack of funds to provide PD around new technology deployments or to support on-site vendor training.
  • A lack of prioritization for teacher technology development. Many districts assume that if students can use it so can teachers.

Teachers are self aware of this lack of training and making efforts to remedy the situation. The same survey revealed that 37% of teachers use their own personal time to learn about the technology in their classrooms.

Teachers also attend conferences like FETC, TCEA, SXSWedu and ISTE to hear first hand seminars, lectures and workshops from the technology vendors themselves.

Most teachers are steadfast in their desire to see continued innovation in technology in schools because ultimately it’s helping their students.

82% of those teachers surveyed feel that students who use technology in the classroom are better prepared for their future careers.

Further, 48% of the teachers surveyed believe students retain more information across all subjects when learning with technology. 69% of teachers believe that technology can help in every subject while 31% of teachers said that they believe students using technology in the classroom get better test scores.

What are ways teacher training for technology in the classroom can be improved?

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